Saturday, July 13, 2019

Has a Message Been CENT?

I'm starting to get the feeling that I need to make a change. Heh, heh! CHANGE! As in coinage. Perhaps I need to adjust my daily 44 oz Diet Coke route, to get to town earlier. Because my penny harvest seems to have withered on the vine. Only ONE penny this week!

TUESDAY, July 9, I almost missed it. Would have missed it, except that my regular parking spaces along the building were taken, and I had to park out in the main part of Country Mart's lot. On the way back to T-Hoe, I spied it. Give me some props for that! I bet YOU can't see it. Almost dead center in this photo, between those two dark blobs, the right one kind of pointing at it like an arrow.

It was a 1975, face down, giving me false hope for a pennyful week.

Let's look back... THERE! Hope your head isn't spinning from that rapid trip in the wayback machine. Since Saturday, June 22, until now, Saturday, June 13... I have found only TWO PENNIES! That's two pennies in three weeks! Only 2/3 of a penny per week! The pickin's are slim.

Here's a message I've been getting this week concerning my scratcher play. No matter how many tickets I buy, or whether they're the $5 tickets or $10 tickets... I have had one winning ticket each day, worth ten dollars. What kind of message is that?

Val is still the TEN DOLLAR DAUGHTER!

Also from the wayback machine, there are many stories of how my mom used to give me five dollars every time I took her some leftovers and gently-read National Enquirers and Globe tabloids. So I referred to myself as the Five Dollar Daughter. A couple times, she gave me TEN, so I was promoted to the Ten Dollar Daughter. I did a blog search of it, and got a list of out-of-order posts about my adventures with Mom.

It was good to reminisce. Which may have been the message The Universe was sending me.

2019 Running Total
Penny          # 75.
Dime    still at 12.
Nickel  still at 8.
Quarter  still at 1.

Penny  131
Dime  17
Nickel  6
Quarter  1

2017 TOTALS (Started in March, 2017)
Penny  78
Dime   6
Nickel  0
Quarter  0


  1. I have had a lull in finding coins, but then with no drivers license and vehicle keys I haven't been many places.

    1. Maybe it's a seasonal thing, and we'll harvest a good crop when the weather cools off. Of course you'll have a better chance when you can hit the road again!

  2. One of theses days you are going to find a big bill!

    1. I've found two dollars. One in the gravel behind T-Hoe when I walked around to check a tire at the mailboxes, and one that magically appeared on the garage floor behind T-Hoe. Neither Hick nor I walk around with loose dollars we can drop.

  3. I actually saw the penny in that first photo which made me feel rather proud of myself as so many of them are hard to spot. Perhaps in the heat, people just aren't getting out and about enough to drop pennies for you.

    1. Congrats on your eagle eye. I had to zoom in to find it! I don't know if people aren't dropping pennies, or if they're meant for someone else, who nabs them before I get there.

  4. times are rough. people are picking up the change they drop!