Monday, August 2, 2021

It Was the Bestie of Times...

The Pony has spent the past two weeks with his broken ankle propped up, making 3-5 calls per day trying to get his rightful paperwork submitted so he could see a doctor for the ankle. Wednesday, he surprised me with a question.
"Mom, did you ever have a feeling that something has happened before?"
"Yeah. I used to have them, but for the past several years, I have not."
"On Monday, when I was calling the lady at the regional office in Kansas City, I had a list of the points I wanted to make on my laptop. I put in the phone number of that doctor the other broken-ankle carrier saw, and it did something to my screen. All the writing went bold. And I knew exactly what was going to happen next! Like it had happened to me before."
"Yeah. Deja vu. Most people have it at some time."
"I guess this means I'm on the right path."
Later in the evening, The Pony mentioned it again.
"Hey, Mom. I sent a text to Bestie, telling her about my deja vu, and asking her if it ever happens to her. And she said, 'Yes. When we were at Camp Crimson, you were walking away after an activity, and I saw the sparkles in your hair, and I had that feeling. I told myself, 'This is a person I'm supposed to meet.'
I know we did some activity with balloons that we popped, and there was sparkly stuff on them that came off. Not exactly glitter, but kind of like it. I guess that's what she saw. She wasn't in my family group of about 20, but later we were put in groups of four, one from each big family group, to talk about our experiences. Bestie was in that group, and we talked for the first time, and we've been best friends ever since."
Funny how things work out. Camp Crimson is a 3-day, 2-night summer camp orientation program at the University of Oklahoma. For incoming freshmen. There are several sessions over the summer. The Pony went about two weeks before time to move into the dorm. When we returned for the special dinner given for the National Merit Scholarship students, on the night before move-in, Bestie sat across from us at the table. I asked The Pony if he knew her, and he said he'd met her at Camp Crimson. Small world. There were over a hundred students and their families at that dinner.

When it was over, and all the speeches were done, I was heartbroken that it was time to leave my little Pony there. For good. Or at least for four years. There was an ice cream social outside for scholarship students. I guess this was a clever way to separate the parents from the students. Bestie stood up, turned to The Pony, and said, 'Well? Are you coming?' The Pony is not one to turn down a pretty girl's invitation. Something about that moment felt right. Bestie just expected The Pony to come along with her. She's the best friend he ever had.
I think it was meant to be.


  1. Replies
    1. Still texting, after all these years. Well. ONE year, since graduation. They never got a proper goodbye, with classes going virtual due to the VIRUS.

  2. What a wonderful meeting, a great way to find your bestie. They'll see each other through thick and thin. I've had friends, but never had a bestie.

    1. I've had a couple besties. Which I suppose means they weren't really BESTies. Semi-besties, perhaps.

  3. I think certain people come your way because it is meant to be. That's not to say that every person that comes into your life was meant to, just at special times you meet someone and just know it was meant to be.

    1. They have an enviable connection. "A ride home from the airport at 2:00 a.m.? Sure, call me when you land."

      Bestie is currently in law school in Texas, and is advising The Pony on his basic rights concerning that broken ankle. Not that The Pony has a litigious bone in his body...