Saturday, June 19, 2021

Two CENTS Are Better Than None

It was slow-going on the penny harvest this week. Nary a sprout, nary a blossom, no sign of fruit about to be borne. Until THURSDAY, June 17. I went in the Liquor Store to pick up a couple scratchers for Hick, for Father's Day. Shh... don't give it away.

I almost drove on by, because the Red Bull truck was backed up to the door, and there was a line of cars at the drive-thru window. But there WAS a parking space that was convenient for me. So I resigned myself to a wait inside. Lucky for me, there were more cars than people. Only two ahead of me. As I stepped up to be next, I saw it!

Careful. Don't think that glob of chew, or random dirt, is the penny! The Liquor Store is not going to make any list of tidiest convenience stores.

It was a face-down 1999 penny, shown in extreme close-up because my phone camera's 3 lenses have minds of their own. I think they do a round of rock/paper/scissors to decide which one snaps the pic.

On the way out, something in the parking lot caught my eye on the way to T-Hoe. Of course I stopped to get a picture!

Not a very interesting picture. It's like one of Hick's photos! All surroundings, tiny subject. There's the penny, above the cigarette-rumpus.

This was a shiny 2021 penny, face down. You can tell the blazing sun was on it, which is what interfered with my panoramic picture. I couldn't see jack squat on my phone screen. I just aimed in the general direction of the penny.
That makes 2 COINS, for 2 CENTS, clinking into Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune ice cream dish goblet. Nothing spectacular, but at least something.


Penny       # 55, 56.
Dime         still at 4.
Nickel       still at 1.
Quarter    still at 3.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. And you would have missed them entirely if you hadn't decided to park in that one convenient space.

    1. I would have! I was ready to drive off without going in, but I didn't have anywhere else I wanted to buy the tickets. Hick never goes to the Liquor Store, but he goes to Casey's. So I wanted to get tickets where he wouldn't buy them for himself.

  2. I have noticed lately that people seem to think it is okay to empty their mouths of nasty things in parking lots. Chewing tobacco, cigarettes and gum are just nasty!

    1. I hate when they spit out a wad of snot! And it's still there, foaming! At least rain will wash that away eventually.