Thursday, June 24, 2021

It's Not FREE Meat, But It's Pretty Close

Hick has become quite the hunter-gatherer now that the salad days of FREE MEAT from the Ponytail Guy have ended. Hick hunts down AUCTION food, and gathers it without consulting me.

"Did you get that picture I sent you of the bratwurst patties I got at the auction?"

"Yes. Where are they?"

"I put them in the freezer. The kitchen freezer."

"I only glanced at the picture."

"They look like they'd be pretty good. They're bratwursts, but shaped like a patty."

"I saw an article about hamburger-shaped hot dogs, to fit on hamburger buns. Somebody left a comment that, 'Wouldn't that just be bologna?'"

"Yeah. I guess that's right."

Here's the picture Hick sent from the auction:

Here's the message Hick sent with it: "Three dollars for 8 braugtwurts patties."

Not bad. He only spelled one word wrong. But it's kind of the key word. AND it's on the package label.

That $3 meat seems like a bargain. But it IS auction meat...


  1. Auction meat would tend to make me a little cautious. Is it frozen? Hard to tell from the picture. HeWho is NOT allowed to procure meat of any kind. He brought home an entire butchered hog once. There are just two of us! Even in a freezer, it can go past it's prime!

    1. I have told Hick several times when consulted beforehand, "No. Don't buy auction meat." It has worked until now. Of course I will feed it to HIM. If he survives, I might try it. I'm not a lover of the Jalapeno Cheddar flavor. We've had the regular bratwursts from Save A Lot in that flavor. Kind of spicy for me.

      I THINK it was frozen. I'll have to ask Hick. If it wasn't, I'm pretty sure he would have put it in FRIG II so I could cook it for him the next night.

  2. I suggest some serious sniffing when those patties thaw out, just in case.

    1. I think it will be obvious with a whiff, no serious sniffing required, if they're bad!