Thursday, June 17, 2021

Hick's Cardiologist Went To Prison!

Oops! Maybe that's a bit sensational. A bit too click-baity. I have accidentally left out a word: LETTER. Hick's cardiologist LETTER went to prison! Hick has been waiting on that letter. It has a list of pre-procedure instructions to be followed.

When I got back from town Wednesday afternoon, Hick said,

"I finally called the cardiologist and left a message. The gal kept telling me she'd sent it, but I told her I ain't got it yet."

"I know why! It went to prison!"


This conversation was being held over the porch rail, as Hick pulled the lawnmower out.

"I got it out of the mailbox. I knew you'd been expecting it. But then I noticed it had been mailed TWICE! It has two cancellation marks. But the address is EXACTLY correct."

Yeah. There in the lower right-hand corner. Eastern Reception and Diagnostic. That has nothing to do with a medical clinic. That's a state prison, baby! I guess they thought the name could actually persuade local citizens and denizens to BELIEVE that it was just a reception center, only housing inmates a couple weeks before deciding where to farm them out to other parts of the state prison system. Nobody really fell for it. It's a full-blown prison. They do executions there, too.

Anyhoo... I have no idea how Hick's cardiologist letter made a stop at the prison. For all I know, the worker who mailed it is incarcerated, heh, heh! Which might explain the shoddy customer service he's gotten so far. Except this is a men's prison. And Hick talked to women.
It had other cancellation marks like this on the back of the envelope. I can't figure out how it left the prison on June 11, and came out of St. Louis on June 14. I guess Hick should have received it on the 11th, but it was mis-delivered, and sent back out with the outgoing mail. 
The Pony had no explanation. And he's an insider!


  1. I was going to blame the Pony.

    1. Good thing it's not The Pony's route! He's been working in two other towns. He DID say that not everyone sorts their own mail. Sorters put it in cases, and loaders load cases in the trucks. I'm pretty sure they have other names, but that's the gist of it.

      He also said ALL mail coming out of the prisons bears a red stamp saying it was mailed from the prison. We have two state prisons in our county, and another in an adjacent county. I imagine they account for a lot of mail.

  2. Just another weird happening in Hicksville. At least he got it.

    1. That gal from the cardiologist left a message today saying she was sure she mailed Hick's letter on the 9th, but maybe it was the 10th, and she wishes she could text him the information, but she can't.

      Hick was supposed to tell her he got it yesterday, but he did not. He SAID he would do it today. I think the two of them were made for each other. Hope she doesn't feed him ham salad...

  3. Maybe they are using inmates to sort mail?

    1. That is a scary thought! I hope they enjoyed my AT&T check that's never cleared.