Thursday, June 25, 2020

Who Knows? The Foreshadower Knows!

Wednesday, we drove down to our favorite casino. Hick went a couple weeks ago, but this is my first casino outing since March 18, when we were in Oklahoma. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited. The Pony went along, since now he's BAA AAACK, and he's over 21.

Hick dropped us off at the door, and went to do his own business for his own business. Not Goodwilling, though, because he stopped by there on the way to the casino! Can you believe that? How he PROLONGED my anticipation?

Anyhoo… the casino lobby had a giant maze of posts and straps set up to funnel us cattle to the gate. Since there was no crowd, we didn’t have to zig-zag through it, but we DID have to walk all the way to the other side and come back to the entry point. The Pony got carded, but for some reason they assumed I looked over 35, and didn’t ask me for ID. Can you believe THAT? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

I got a new card, since this is now the CENTURY CASINO, not the ISLE. I played some Wild Wild Nugget, and lost $20. Then I moved on to a Wonder 4 Boost, where I played Wild Americoin for about an hour, until lunch. I lost some and won some back. I was down about 1/4 of my casino bankroll at lunch.

Hick had a regular cheeseburger with fries:

The Pony had a regular cheeseburger, with fries:

Except The Pony had asked for his burger without lettuce. Do you see a problem? The food came while The Pony was in the bathroom, and Hick told the waitress lady which burger was his. Yes, he had taken a bite by the time The Pony returned, and said, "Um. I think you have my burger." They switched them out, and peace was restored.

I had a Grilled Chicken Club, with tater tots. Love my tots!

Yes, there WAS a small piece of chicken in there. What you can't see is the abundance of bacon. And the tomato. It was quite a tasty sandwich.

During lunch, while eating my Grilled Chicken Club on Texas Toast, I dripped some bacon/tomato juice on my shirt. It was my regular casino uniform, the pink plaid shirt. I wear it because it shows stains the least! Of course I know how to weaken a shirt stain, that done by drizzling Diet Coke from my straw, and scrubbing the area. Stupid new CENTURY has Pepsi instead of Coke! But I gave my shirt the Diet Pepsi treatment.

The Pony was busy rolling his eyes at me. So I said, “Come on! You KNOW it works! Besides, I don’t want a big stain on my shirt after lunch, when they take my picture for the big jackpot I’m going to win!” More eye-rolling. Little did we know that this would prove to be


But I'm getting ahead of myself! That's a story for Friday.

There's only one food place open now at this casino, but it's the one we always went to. They've limited their menu to sandwiches and hot dogs. No more pulled pork, or nachos. We waited forever for someone to come out and take our order at the counter. I told The Pony that we could have just grabbed a salad or prepared ham and cheese sub out of the cool case, and gone to sit down and eat them. But The Pony said, "Um. Casino. Cameras everywhere."

Somebody raised that Pony right. Or else he thinks out his intended crimes very thoroughly.

Anyhoo... the lady who took our order and brought our food to the table wore a mask, and gloves. She handed us each a foam cup for soda, with a lid and paper-wrapped straw already inside. No refills allowed. Also, no napkins on the counter, no contraptions that dispensed plastic silverware, no ketchup pump. Here is a basket of condiments she brought us.

Okay, we'd already taken out most of the ketchup, the napkins, the mayonnaise. Those are hand sanitizer packets in the foreground. Normally, I would have left the unopened condiments on the table. I hate waste. But we just threw them away this time. Like I told Hick, "They can't give these to anybody else after we've touched them. And nobody at home takes a lunch any more. We don't need them."

Yes, a good time was had by most. A better time might have been had if we had stuck with the original plan of going to Lambert's the Throwed Roll Restauant. But may not! I'm getting ahead of myself again! You don't get that story yet!

I didn't see anybody but staff wearing a mask. No temperature checks to get in. There were clear plastic weirdo-repellers dividers between the slots. Nobody got in my space. I didn't hear any coughing or sneezing. All counters had clear plastic shields to keep people from breathing on the staff. Plenty of spray mist hand sanitizer thingies were placed around the gaming floor, and at the entrance to the restaurant.

I'm looking forward to going again, because...

OOPS! You're not getting that story until tomorrow!


  1. My fingernails are snapping as I hang onto the cliff. I must know if you are a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious winner... or not.

    1. I AM! You'll find out Friday. So don't let go of that cliff edge!

  2. Did you have a big win?! Here casinos are doing pretty much the same I guess. Not all casinos are open yet.

    Good to hear the joy in your voice once again!

    1. Bigness is in the eye of the blog reader! Complete reveal on Friday. If I was any more joyous, I'd be a Christmas carol, or a 3 Dog Night song!

  3.'s Friday here already :(

    1. Sorry about that. I'm a little behind. Actually, I'm an AMPLE behind, heh, heh!

      I just finished typing it up (pictures galore), and it will publish in twelve hours! At 1:02 Central Daylight Time. Plan your beauty sleep accordingly.

  4. Congratulations on your big win! Was that your biggest ever?
    When I saw the picture of the condiments, it made me think of my little Mama, who never left "free" anything at any eating establishment we visited! ("Don't worry," she'd whisper. "Nothing is ever really free -- we end up paying for it, as much as they charge. We might as well take it home.") She never evenused artificial sweeteners, but if they were included by her plate, they went into her purse along with the leftover sugar packets. ("Somebody might use them one day.") Cracker Barrel's jams and leftover biscuits and cornbread were her most prized "free/NOTfree" items, but ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, bbq and soy and duck sauces,etc. - just use your imagination for all the different fast food and ethnic restaurants- were all fair game for Mama's roomy purse. Even coffee stirrers and unused plastic utensil packets went home with Mama, and everything except the biscuits and jams- which she actually ate or gave us - went into a big Ziploc bag in her kitchen. God only knows how old some of those things were by the time she passed away at 96. Of course, they had to go in the trash, but I've spent the last hour or so remembering just a few of many wonderful times Mama and I had taking the kids out to eat, or just going by ourselves.
    All this because of this post, so thanks so much for the smiles and the memories today. You've got quite a way with words!

    1. Yes, my first-ever hand pay, and my biggest win ever. I don't expect to get such a jackpot again!

      My mom also took a healthy supply of FREE condiments. I took some extra ketchup once, at the bowling alley where my boys were in a league. I used the packets in their lunch. Unfortunately, the ketchup was in my coat pocket with my keys. I moved the chair back and sat down, with that pocket under a chair leg. It took a while to get the ketchup out of the flannel pocket of my suede coat!

    2. Hey-- that was a heck of a win! The Pony would have been so much happier with his sizable winnings had you not gotten so lucky. (Guess that's just the way Steven plays!)

      Oh, the ketchup always tasted a bit suspect in those packs anyway. And it squirted every which way after opening! My kids got it everywhere but on their fries.
      Hmm, ketchup and suede. Not such a great combination there!

    3. Of course! Even Steven let me win, but with the condition that I overshadowed The Pony! Always a catch!

      Those foil ketchup packs! About 1 out of 10 would let me rip off a corner, and squeeze it out. Mostly, I lost valuable ketchup while trying to tear off the corner as it stretched without separating.