Saturday, June 20, 2020

Smell That? It's the sCENT of a Future Pennyillionaire on the Wind!

SATURDAY, June 13, once again too late to add to the Saturday CENTSus that had already gone to press... I found a NICKEL down by the mailboxes! It was in the road. I only noticed because I was being careful not to roll a rock under my sole and take a tumble.

It's there, I swear! See the two bigger rocks, level with each other, about 1/3 up the picture from the bottom? If you use them as the bottom corners of a triangle, and look up where the top corner would be, and zoom in... that's the nickel's edge, next to the two smaller rocks, as shown in the closeup.

 It was a face-down 1976 nickel. My VALEDICTORIAN year!

At least the close-up turned out okay.

MONDAY, June 15, another NICKEL found me!

I had stopped by Country Mart for scratchers, and totally missed it on the way in. To be fair, I was scurrying along to cross that strip of parking lot, because the driver (who backed out from the space where I was standing for the picture later) had motioned a lady and three kids across. So I took advantage.

On the way back out to T-Hoe, I saw this sparkling gem, a face-down 1987 nickel, and turned to snatch it. After two pictures, of course, which required putting my scratchers in my armpit.

THURSDAY, June 18, I popped in the School-Turn Casey's for scratchers, and spotted a treat just below the sunflower seeds.

Good thing I'm observant! I got my pictures while the cashier was tearing off my tickets and refunding the money from my winner.

It was a face-down 1980 penny, trying to avoid the toe of my shoe when I fished it out.

That's THREE coins this week, for a total of 11 CENTS! The Future Pennyillionaire train keeps chuggin' along!


Penny       # 64.
Dime         still at 12.
Nickel       # 5, 6.
Quarter    still at 1.

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5


  1. Nickelillionaire is faster than going for a pennyillionaire.

    1. I find fewer nickels! If they were only as plentiful as weirdos, I'd try for Nickelillionaire! One thing's for certain. I don't want to be a Weirdoillionaire.

  2. You and Sluggy I swear people just throw money out for you to find. I think you have a secrete admirer, who likes to see your rumpus.

    1. I'm just glad they don't throw money AT ME! My rumpus gets enough exposure that they don't have to seek extra viewings.

  3. You put your scratchers in your armpit? You don't put them in your pocket as soon as you've bought them? Good going with the nickels this week.

    1. My armpit it clean! And covered by a shirt sleeve! It's not like I blot hairy armpit sweat with my scratchers!

      The scratchers are too big for my pocket, and I don't carry my purse in. I am surprised by the consecutive nickels. It might be a while before they return.

    2. Aha! Too big for the pocket. I wasn't at all concerned about the armpit, just wondered why not a pocket.

    3. The $1 and $2 tickets would fit in my pocket, but I rarely buy them.

  4. Replies
    1. Those nickels were bonus coins! I'd have been happy with three pennies!