Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Virtual COINucopia

Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune received a bountiful deposit this week!

MONDAY, June 22, I parked in my regular space by the moat at the Gas Station Chicken Store. As I glanced out the window, I saw a PENNY waiting for me! The glint of the sun was just right. Not so much for my picture, though, since clouds took over.

It's there, I swear, if you zoom in. See that sideways acorn shape? It's above that, center of the picture, about midway between the dark blobs on the right, and the two little dark blobs on the left.

It was a face-down 2020 pretty penny. Into my shirt pocket it went!

At my next stop, Orb K, I spied ANOTHER penny on my way inside.

Good thing I picked it up and put it in my left pants pocket! Because when I came out, two women were standing there, car hood up, bent over, peering at their engine. It would have felt wrong to stand behind them taking a picture!

This one was a heads-up 2001.

Once inside, I went to peer at the scratcher selection, which is on a board, leaning against the front window. It's quite awkward for the nearsighted, who can't see the numbers to select when standing in line at the far-right register. My mind made up, I went to get in line. Which was backed up along the cold food bin. I cut across by the chips.

Well! Looks like a certain Lincoln was expecting me!

A face-down 1986 Lincoln, to be exact. Into the right pants pocket for him!

Wouldn't you know it! When it rains pennies from heaven, it pours. An here I was now, deluged at the register, with a dime!

This one went into my shirt pocket, since a penny and a dime can coexist without switching identities, unlike two pennies. I can never check the dates until I get home to my magnifying glass.

It was a face-down 1975 dime.

Of course I was satisfied with this one-day haul for the week. But Even Steven thought I deserved more! So on THURSDAY, June 25, over in Sis-Town, he had another penny waiting for me.

Heh, heh! Looks like Even Steven has a sense of humor! You might think that's a wide array of pennies for me to choose from. But no. There's only one, among the dots of tar and dirty chewed gum.

It was a face-down 1964. Good thing I chose that touchy-handled pump #4, which I usually avoid. This time, I was paid a PENNY to squeeze the handle the whole time, since the little lever always clicks off after just a couple gallons.

Yes, it was feast, not famine, for Val this week. With 5 COINS, for a total of 14 CENTS.


Penny       # 65, 66, 67, 68.
Dime         # 13.
Nickel       still at 6.
Quarter    still at 1.

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5


  1. Well there you go adding to your stash. My brother was so lucky; He always found quarters in laudrymats. You might want to take a detour sometime.

    1. I haven't been to a laundromat since 1986. I wish I'd been looking for coins back then!

  2. All those coins on top of the casino win! My screen just blacked out three times in a row :(

    1. My screen just blacked out TWICE! Between 9:00 and 10:30. Thunderstorm passing through.