Thursday, May 16, 2013

Swag Bragging Rights

What swag can a high school senior get if he goes begging at each classroom door on the next-to-last day of school? This:

Don't go thinking that I encourage my son to be a little beggar. One of his teachers took her class on a trick-or-treat expedition. They were supervised at all times. With faculty readying their rooms for the summer, sometimes good deals can be had for a song. Better yet, for NOT singing.

Here is a list of items in this picture, starting at the bottom left corner:

a bag of Valentine hearts
a plastic cup
a Tootsie Roll midgee
a fun size Butterfinger
a penny
three Starbursts
a Halls mentholyptus cough drop
a tiny stack of Post-It note that look like an eraser
a mini Tootsie Pop
a cough drop
a peanut cluster that looks like a turd
two Starlight mints
a lunch money envelope
an attendance slip
a discipline form
a piece of sheet music for Gangnam Style
a hardback Catching Fire
a tissue

Genius was most impressed with Catching Fire. He said the librarian was giving out books. No way. I said that would never happen. "No, Mom! She had a whole box of books to give away, and I picked this one!"

"It looks surprisingly like the one from our house, the one I pre-ordered when it first came out, before there was such a big to-do about The Hunger Games series. The one you loaned to several people, and we never got back."

"Yeah. The main reason I wanted it was because I can't find the one at home."

After preserving this moment for posterity, Genius raked in even more loot. I think I heard him mention a paper clip. I'm trying to conceal my envy.

Tom Sawyer never had it so good.


  1. Was it a jumbo paper clip, a "Gem"?

    What wonderful loot he got.

  2. Bring him up to the city, he would love dumpster diving. My son brought home some real treasures when he was a kid.

  3. Is that a Butterfinger I see there?

  4. Good thing h.s. seniors consider Halls mentholyptus, post-its and Tooties as swag. I'd hate to have them tipping the school's outhouse in revenge.

  5. Birdie,
    To the trickee-treatees, it was fun. To those of us held hostage by their invasion until we acquiesced to their extortion, not so much. Thus the plethora of hastily-gathered ransom articles.

    No, just a regular paperclip. Probably used.

    His father would love it more.

    Yes. Then you saw it. Now you don't.

    Our senior class used to steal an outhouse every Halloween and put in in front of the school. About five years ago, the practice was outlawed, after an outhouse owner came to school and raised a stink.