Thursday, May 2, 2013

He Ain't Savvy He's My Brother

I really meant to title this "The Ditty of Brotherly Love." However...I am too lazy to whip up some song lyrics. So I'll be a withered elder, passing down this tale by firelight, squinting against the smoke.

This is not a mommy blog. Really. Not that there's anything wrong with mommy blogs. That said, there are times when I must don my mommy hat, that one with a chewed brim, encrusted with wiggly toys that a cat might enjoy batting, or suitable prey-lures befitting a deep-sea predator. If you do not wish to endure accolades received by my not-so-little Thevictorians last night, you may skip to the ending paragraphs.

Last night we attended the academic honors awards dinner. Both Genius and The Pony received awards for ranking in the top ten percent of their respective classes. In fact, both currently sit atop the #1 position. That makes Genius Thevictorian a true valedictorian. Both boys also lettered for their academic team performance.

Today, one of the faculty referred to last night's event as The Genius Thevictorian Show. I think she was kidding. I don't talk about my boys at school like I do here. Their performance speaks for them. Anyhoo...Genius was called up to the podium several times for various bragging rights. He was given a valedictorian medal to wear at graduation, an award for honorable mention in the Herff Jones Believe in You national scholarship competition, and recognition for all-conference and all-district academic team honors. As team captain, he held the wooden state of Missouri plaque denoting our school as district champions. That means they were one of the sixteen best academic teams in the state of Missouri. Not too shabby for a little Backroads high school with an enrollment of less than 300 students.

Awards were also handed out to our district middle school students. The Pony was disappointed to hear that the middle school academic team earned a banner as conference champions, having an undefeated season of nine wins. Not that he begrudged them their success. He hung his head. "We didn't get a banner last year." That was the year he was the leading scorer on the middle school. team. They were defeated twice.

Genius leaned across me over the white plastic tablecloth to get The Pony's attention. "We didn't hang a banner my eighth grade year, either."

That is quite possibly the nicest thing Genius has ever done for The Pony.


  1. Brag, brag brag!

    No really, you should brag!

  2. Mommy hat chewed to the brim. Oh that's beautiful. You're a poet.

  3. Val--Yes, you should brag, and if this is your venue, boast away. Your two sons would make anyone proud... (Oooh, was that a button that popped off and hit my eye?)

  4. Way to go, Parents of Overachieving Boys. Sounds like you've provided quite a petri dish for growth. You're allowed bragging rights fer sure! Also amazing is big brother playing nice with little brother. After watching my sons try to kill each other daily with teasing--for years. (How many gray hairs do I have to drown with L'Oriel thankyouverymuch boys) a payday like this a winner.

  5. You must be so proud. I think you've earned bragging rights, Mom.

  6. joeh,
    I figure if one can't brag about one's not-so-little ones on one's anonymous blog, where CAN one brag?

    That's so kind. And to think, I was merely bragging about my mommy hat...

    Thanks so much, Madam, for pointing out that Val is bustin' out all over, popping buttons willy-nilly, blinding folks who hang around to hear about her nerdy kids.

    Seems like only yesterday we were bringing The Pony home from the hospital, and toddler Genius was predicting: "I will work on communication towers like Grandpa, and The Pony will work at McDonalds."

    I am quite proud. And relieved. So much can go wrong with kids these days if you don't keep them under your thumb and tethered with apron strings.