Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Boys Are Back in Town, Hangin' Down at the Casino's Breakfast Grill

Genius was in town over the weekend, and we met up at River City Casino. It was actually Genius's idea. He doesn't go to casinos very often, but knows I like them. He didn't have much time to visit. Only the window between 9:00 a.m. and noon.
Anyhoo... with no other restaurants there being open at that time, we sat down for breakfast and to talk.
Hick had the biscuits and gravy:
He said it was not as tasty as he had hoped. Maybe it had something to do with all that pepper he added! He got a full order, and didn't finish. The waitress came by and asked if he wanted some more gravy on his remaining biscuits, but Hick declined.

I had the sausage/egg/cheese biscuit:

It arrived a bit askew, but I remedied that. It was quite filling. I couldn't eat much of the hash browns that came with every plate.

Genius also had the sausage/egg/cheese biscuit:
He made a dent in his hash browns. Of course he had coffee, rather than the water of myself and Friend, and the orange juice of Hick.

Friend had the breakfast burrito:

Here he is, displaying it for the camera like Carol Merrill displaying a showcase on Let's Make a Deal. That burrito is as big as a showcase! Friend could not finish that behemoth.

Our conversation involved the reason Genius was in St. Louis for the weekend. I hope he's not reading, because I always manage to get a few details wrong.

Hick: "So you said you were here to be in a wedding? Whose wedding?"

Genius: "One of my best friends from college. I'm not sure if you met her."

Hick: "I think we did, that time we took a bunch of you to lunch."

Val: "What are you in the wedding? Like, a groomsman or something?"
Genius: "Actually, I am on the bride's side--"
Friend: "He's a bridesMATE!" 

Genius: "Yeah. Well. I don't really like that term. But I'm with the bridesmaids."

Val: "I hope you're not complaining that your dress is not flattering, and that you paid all that money for it, and will never wear it again!"

Genius: "Actually, the bridesmaids all are bringing their own dresses. That they've worn in other weddings, or for some other event. The color scheme is PASTEL. So as long as the color fits, they don't all have to look alike. The bride assigned everyone a color, so the groomsmen have the same color accents as who they're walking with. I have the same tux as the groomsmen."

Val: "What color do you have?"
Genius: "Yellow. I have a yellow tie."
Val: "Are you walking with a groomsman? Does he match your color?"
Genius: "Yes. I'm fine with that. And he DOES match my yellow tie."
Hick: "Friend, what are you doing while all this rehearsal is going on?"
Friend: "Sitting at the Plus One table with the other Plus Ones."
Val: "I hope you're not too rowdy!"
Friend: "Not yet, anyway."
Hick: "So your mom said you're staying at an Airbnb?"
Genius: "Yes. It's like a mansion!"
Val: "Just for the two of you? You must really have money to burn!"
Genius: "No! The whole WEDDING PARTY is staying there! Not just us!"
Val: "Oh. That makes more sense. You didn't say that back when I talked to you."
Anyhoo... we chatted for over an hour, and then rolled ourselves out of the restaurant to go to the casino. 

More on that tomorrow...


  1. Good times were had by all. Any restaurant messes up sausage gravy is ready for some lessons on how to cook.

    1. Hick didn't say HOW the gravy wasn't good. Maybe it just didn't have much taste, thus all the pepper he added.

  2. Oooh! A wedding! I don't suppose we'll get pictures though. I think your sausage egg cheese biscuit looks far tastier than that sludgy looking gravy. I've heard of biscuits and gravy before, but always assumed the biscuits were dry, with a bowl of gravy for dipping. Having them smothered like that is nauseating to me. (I'm not a dipper/sopper person)

    1. I'm sure Genius took some pictures, but he didn't share any with me. I would have liked to see him all dressed up.

      Unless it's in a takeout container, I've only seen the gravy already added to the biscuits.

  3. Not a biscuit/gravy fan myself. I like eggs, but not first thing in the morning. I am more of a black strong coffee with a piece of rain toast. Glad you got to visit with him. I will be meeting my new daughter-in-law to be the night before the graduation in MN. My son says she is nervous about meeting me. Here's the deal: she is from Peru and does not speak English. Jeff has learned Spanish, and I suppose I will eventually have to. I am worried about HeWho knows a tad of Spanish and a bit of Japanese. He tends to mix the words into something akin to gibberish. Makes him sound like the village idiot. She might call off the engagement when she meets us!

    1. Aww. How could she be nervous about meeting you? Surely she didn't read you old blog, heh, heh! I'm sure you will put her at ease. Just smile and nod, and keep one hand over HeWho's mouth.

      Maybe you can listen to a program to teach you Spanish, on your phone, while sewing in your SheShed, or digging in the dirt.

    2. I don't she reads my blog, unless she has a program to translate on her computer? My son would certainly know how to install it, but he would have mentioned it to me. She wants to buy gifts for us! She told Jeff that elders are to be honored. I think I am in love with her, too! I loved my ex-DIL until she showed just how devious she was and how badly she treated my son. When she accused me of trying to kill the girls' cat, I was done and haven't spoken to her since. I love my sons-in-law. Sometimes more than my daughters! Family is always complicated!

    3. Odd how she chose the MOST UNBELIEVABLE accusation of cat-killing...

      I'm sure the new one will be a joy. The Law of Even Steven says so.