Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Turns Out the $6 Orange Juice and $7.98 Lettuce Actually WERE Bargains...

Hey, have you heard? Hick went to Vegas for 10 days! And all I got was this lousy NOT-T-SHIRT! Oh, I'm not complaining. No siree, Bob! That would be so uncharacteristic of me! No, I'm not complaining. Just pointing out that sometimes, some people might want to re-think what they're complaining about.

"Oh, I got you something in Vegas," said Hick on Sunday evening. He and The Pony were looking at fixer-upper houses on The Pony's laptop at the kitchen table, as I got Hick's supper ready.

"It's not a $3 pink change purse, is it? Because I don't need any more of those."

"No. It's a good present."

"Did it really come from Vegas? Or was it from a truck stop somewhere along the way?"

"It came from Vegas! I got it in a gift shop."

"A real gift shop? In a casino?"

"No. Not gift shop. I said thrift shop! It cost me $12."

Hick set my gift on the table. It had been in his collection of items he'd put on HIS side of the kitchen table.

"I knew you wouldn't wear a t-shirt. So I got you a snow globe. From Vegas."

"Oh. Yeah. It really DOES have snow in it. Glitter snow." Said The Pony, giving it a shake. "Um. Uh. Wait a minute. Does it...uh. The sign is broken off."

"Oh. It DID break? I wondered if I could get it here without breaking it."

Seriously? Did Hick drive A-Cad off-road all the way home? How would it break, riding in a car? Albeit a car traveling 72 mph in a 55 mph work zone.

"I don't know if it was like that, or it came off when I turned it over to shake it."

"The sign was okay when I bought it."

"In the thrift store. For $12. I'm not so sure that was a bargain. Even if it wasn't broken. Doesn't sound very thrifty to me."

"I just thought it was something you would like."

"I DO like it. Maybe there was a big earthquake, and that landmark Vegas sign fell down."

Looks like Hick can't catch a break with his out-of-state sweaving, but The Pony caught an ankle break right here at work, doing what he was supposed to do, and I caught a break in my special snow globe gift from the thrift shop.

Compared to the $6 orange juice and the $7.98 lettuce, this thrift gift was not a bargain.


  1. That's the third of the bad luck happenings, so all should be good for a while now.
    $12 for a snow globe is no bargain, especially from a thrift store and a broken one at that.

    1. Hopefully, we've paid our debt to Even Steven. Let the money-raking begin. I am prepared to haul it in hand-over-fist!

      At least Hick picked an item that I like. That's progress! For all I know, that snow globe was part of a package deal. Maybe Hick got something really good for himself, and that snow globe was bonus gift for me, even if already broken.

  2. The only way he could have redeemed himself is if he had brought you a snow globe filled with pennies.

    1. Ooh! My heart is racing at the thought! Perhaps he could have had it delivered on a velvet pillow sitting on a unicorn's back!