Saturday, July 24, 2021

One Stop COIN Shop Floor Slop

Such a bounty to report this week! And I got them all in one place! [edited to say MOSTLY] It was technically a last-week find, because it happened on Saturday, after I'd already put the Saturday CENTSus to bed. Tucked it in, fetched it one last glass of water, threatened it to stay under the covers, and not to leave the room or call me for anything other than an emergency. And THIS is the thanks I got:

Look at that! A quarter, two dimes, and two pennies! Too many for individual close-ups. I had a heads-up 1999 QUARTER, face-down 2021 and 1977 DIMES, and face-down 2020 and 2016 PENNIES. Can everybody join me in telling Orb K: "SWEEP YOUR GOSH-DARN FLOOR!"
But WAIT! What you can't see, off to the right, is another penny that I only saw as I was leaving. So I had to pick it up and resist ample-rumpusing those in line behind me for a picture. I snuck one in T-Hoe, though.

It was a 2009 heads-up penny. The special kind...

With ol' Log-Lincoln on the back!
FRIDAY, July 23, when I had no business over in Sis-Town, I was compelled to make a special trip to mail my electric bills. Of course I went up the street to Casey's, because the invalid Pony wanted to try the NEW $3 crossword scratcher that I discovered there the previous day. [He had a $10 winner!]
While in line to pay for more gas, after hauling around The Pony's broken ankle all week... I spied something to my liking under the tempters hanging on the front of the counter:
At first I thought it was a penny, from the color. But the size didn't seem quite right. It wasn't until I leaned down for the close-up that I saw its true color.
It was a bright, shiny, 2020 DIME, heads up, even though this picture makes it look tarnished. My phone has trouble distinguishing picture-worthy coins from no-details-needed background.
So convenient this week, getting all my coins at one stop! [Plus one more!] Less ample-rumpusing! That makes 7 COINS, for 58 CENTS, towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny       # 74, 75, 76.
Dime         # 6, 7, 8.
Nickel       still at 4.
Quarter    # 4.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. A few more weeks like that and your penny goblet shall runneth over.

    1. I know! And then it will be a year of harping at Hick to get me a new (used) goblet!

  2. I don't think I have ever noticed a Lincoln Log Penny.

    1. I don't see them often, but I've found two this month! For some reason, Ol' Abe reminds me of Thomas Jefferson sitting on a boot taking a crap...