Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Pony Locks Down His Thunder So Val Cannot Abscond With It

Back in the day of my fantastic $8,600 casino jackpot, The Pony was disappointed (!) by my win, because he'd had quite a notable day on the slots himself. He felt like I took the spotlight off of his success. Not that The Pony is self-centered or anything. How could he be, with Hick and Val for his parents...
Last Thursday, The Pony made sure I didn't steal his thunder. In fact, he locked his thunder in a treasure chest wrapped with chains, mailed the keys to an invalid address so they'd languish in the Dead Letter Bin, buried the chest in a lead-lined concrete vault, that he covered with a swamp inhabited by alligators fed a vegetarian diet, and established a perimeter of thorn bushes infested with fire ants and spitting cobras. Nobody was going to steal The Pony's thunder on Thursday!

First of all, let's flash back to the day of Val the Thunder-Thief.

The Pony had some major luck on the Zapper. We don't know the real name of this slot, so we call it the Lightning Thing or the Zapper. Or sometimes, if he and I are feeling particularly science-y, The Van de Graaff Generator.

As you can see here, The Pony hit a Zap of $203.60. It's in the box near the bottom left, showing the total credits won. He was playing the max bet of $2.00 a Zap. Armed with all that wealth, The Pony continued to play. And four minutes later, 

The Pony hit a Zap of $627.60. Again, it's in the total credits won box. The other number shown is as the machine is counting up the wins. This time, he was betting $1.00 per Zap.
So... you can understand how The Pony was disappointed that my big jackpot took attention off his incredible (on any other gambling day) win. He won over $800, and left with $700-something of it.

Now, back to present time, last Thursday. 

The Pony tried a new slot, Buffalo Revolution. I think I played it once, somewhere on an Oklahoma trip, and I didn't like it. Well, I think it's safe to say that The Pony DOES like it! He really likes it, as much as we all like Sally Field.

The Pony hit a $559.55 bonus, on a 75-cent bet. It's already added the bonus win to his CREDIT tally in this picture. The Pony went on to play some other games new to him, and had a streak of luck. When we were ready to leave, he had this magnificent ticket to cash out:

So magnificent, in fact, that the cash machine spit it back out, with the message that the ticket was too big, and would have to be redeemed by the cashier. The Pony wasn't happy about that, but he has young and nimble legs, so it was a minor setback at most. What else are you gonna do, have a tantrum and tear up your ticket? I think not!

Anyhoo... The Pony got his day in the sun. I congratulate him on his win.

I do not recommend that anybody go out to a casino to win this easy money! Nobody takes pictures of their losses. Because... um... there's NOTHING to take a picture of.


  1. Very nice...but it's no $8600!!

    Most I ever won on a spin was $27.75. I guess .09 a spin does not have much of a return.

    1. Well, The Pony's win was somewhere between $8600 and $27.75.

      The Pony trends towards my high-rollerness, while you and Hick and my sister the ex-mayor's wife like the low-roller life.

      If you could have hit my big jackpot at a .09 bet, you would have won $322.50.

      If I had hit YOUR $27.75 jackpot at the $2.40 I bet on my big jackpot, I would have won $740.

  2. Woo-Hoo!! Congratulations Pony :)

    1. Yeah, The Pony kicked up his heels, and is chompin' at the bit to go back! He intends to use his windfall for a new laptop. As soon as he figures out a way to order one and have it shipped where it won't be stolen from the mailbox! We're thinking my sister the ex-mayor's wife's address might be safe.

  3. I have things sent to a PO because of thieves. Those were great wins.

    1. I don't want to drive to town every day for my mail, even though I drive to town every day! Yes, The Pony definitely had a good day at the casino.

  4. Giddy-up, Pony. I am in need of a win. Have a great day.

    1. I would enjoy a good win myself, but breaking even on the last two casino trips is almost as good.