Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Casino Pie-Purse Chicken Caper

Hick swove us to the casino on Thursday. Nobody emerged a real winner except for The Master Sweaver himself, coming out $40 ahead. Or so he said. He had other adventures planned that day, so spent less time being robbed by the one-armed and no-armed bandits than The Pony and I. Anyhoo... we all had a good enough time, and didn't have to rehome ourselves in the poorhouse.

As usual, the dining experience was as enjoyable as the gambling. Hick told the lady he wanted a slice of the "chocolate pie." This is what he was talking about:

I'm pretty sure that's an Oreo cheesecake, but Hick got what he wanted. I told him not to eat it until I got a picture of it. It was a close call! I was almost too late for his usual burger.

Hick told them to hold the lettuce this time. Look at what they've done to the ketchup! Instead of giving us the foil packets, the ketchup is now in a plastic container. Here's a curious new development. We all ordered the COMBO, and for some reason, The Pony and I got a HUGE amount of fries/tots this time. Hick, not so much. His was the standard basket we're used to.

I went for my new favorite, the Philly Cheesesteak and tater tots. LOOK at all that! I couldn't finish the tots, but by leaving behind half the roll, I wolfed down most of the cheesesteak.

The Pony tried a new item, the Boneless Buffalo Chicken.

He couldn't finish all of either. Hick had a couple pieces of the chicken. Here's a better picture of it.

The Pony said it was a little too spicy for him. Not sure what he was expecting from BUFFALO chicken! Here was the dilemma... should we walk away and waste that chicken? Hick said no.

Before revealing the solution, I must inform you that while we were eating, several people were hanging around the nearby bar. Not drinking, just milling around. Some employees, and a well-dressed lady who seemed to have an official duty. The Old Lady Waitress would come out and hand that gal a basket of food. I noticed that she was setting it on a tray on the bar.

"I guess they're having some function later. Getting a platter of snacks ready, maybe."

Again, here came our Old Lady Waitress, proffering a plate. "Here are the corn dogs."

Of course we started murmuring. "Corn dogs! I didn't see them on the menu. I bet you would have had a corn dog, Pony! Yeah. I love corn dogs!"

The Old Lady Waitress came by our table, and said, "We are starting our FAIR FOODS next week. Since the county can't hold the fair this year, we figured we'd change our menu to offer fair foods. We're getting a picture of them. The corn dogs will be on our menu next week! And we'll have funnel cakes..."

I forget what other delicacies she mentioned. But that will certainly be a drawing point for our patronage! We've been going down there about every two weeks.

Now here is where we enter Hick's World. The Pony gathered up his phone and said he was going to gamble while we finished eating. Hick said he was going to take that leftover chicken. He asked how much room I had in my purse.

"I am NOT going to carry around that basket of buffalo chicken in my purse! I already have a bottle of water in there. No room! I am NOT like my mom! She used to wrap up her pulled pork sandwich to take home in her purse! After eating some of the pork on the dinner rolls. Not me! You can ask for a container."

The Pony agreed that Hick should ask for a foam container. "Look. Those people have one! In a bag, too!"

"Maybe they got their food to go. But at least you know they have the containers, and bags. The worst that can happen is that they tell you no."

"I don't need no container. I've got one right here."

With that, Hick took the used napkins and empty ketchup containers out of the clear plastic box that his "chocolate pie" had come in. Of course that whipped cream smeared around on the sides. But Hick got it empty of his trash, and PUT THE BUFFALO CHICKEN INSIDE. Oh, he wasn't done yet. Hick went to the counter, and asked for a bag. ONLY a bag! He came back to the table, and put his clear plastic pie box full of buffalo chicken into the bag.

"You're going to be carrying that! Not me! It can be your PIE-PURSE."

"I don't mind to carry it around. I'll have that chicken tonight. I'm not leaving it here!"

So there you have it. The Casino Pie-Purse Chicken Caper.


  1. I'm thinking by the time you got home and he ate that fully cooked, whipped cream smeared chicken... well does he have the trots today?

    1. Hick seems fine today, but I heard him get up every two hours last night! I don't know if the whipped cream chicken caused that or not.

  2. I will ask for a box AND bag. Fair food should be fun!

    1. Exactly! What did he gain by walking over to ask for a bag, yet not ask for a box? Maybe he wanted a smaller chicken purse to tote around.

  3. My mum wouldn't have left any of that food either and she's not too shy to go and ask for a container to carry it home. I've done so on a couple of occasions, but it's rare for me, I usually order children's portions. My mum used to carry clean zip lock baggies in her giant handbag for leftovers.

    1. My mom would wrap her sandwich in napkins and put it in her purse, even though the waitress would have brought her a foam container. And it WAS the children's plate that she ordered, too.

      When we went to the movies, Mom never had any snacks. I'd get the combo with refills, and on the way out, I'd get fresh popcorn and a Diet Coke for her to take home. She accepted that, because she didn't want to "waste" any free refills. She wouldn't have it during the movie, though!

    2. I don't drink during movies at the cinema either, I hate missing bits of movie because I need to pee.

    3. I didn't have to THEN, but I would NOW! I haven't been to a movie in at least 4 years. Maybe more.