Monday, September 28, 2020

Selfishness For Thee But Not For Me

You may recall that on Friday, I had thrown myself on the floor in a kicking and screaming tantrum shared with you how the casino had reconfigured their points system, and taken my $30 FREE CASH comp that I'd been saving to withdraw on my next visit. Well. As Hick so kindly pointed out on the way to our next casino visit Thursday, the casino had also stolen my PLAYER POINTS! Uh huh. Just a fraction of them remained. I'd gone from $40-something worth to $2.85.

"You could have used them for us to eat on, but you said no."

"I remember that. I said for her not to use my points when she rang it up."

"Uh huh. You were SELFISH, and saving them for yourself!"

"Yes. That is what selfish means. For the self. Excuuuuse me! I suppose I was just going to buy our lunch like a big spender, while you and The Pony saved your points for YOURselves! As I recall, neither of you had enough points to spend on lunch, because you had CASHED THEM OUT for money to play on!"

"Well. You were selfish. And lost your points."

I do not love the smell of hypocrisy in the afternoon.

Sheesh! So in Hick's mind, I was supposed to use my saved-up points to pay for lunch for the three of us, but he and The Pony were smart in using their point-money as soon as they got it. Okay. I guess they WERE smart, because theirs got used, and mine got taken back by the casino. So, thinking only of themselves paid off for Hick and The Pony, but I was supposed to be so caring and sharing that I should have bought lunch for them.

Let's see. Hick and The Pony were smart. But SELFISH! Val was only stupid. And now madder than before, thanks to Hick pointing out that she was a bigger loser than she originally thought!

Anyhoo... on our Thursday casino trip, I did not come out a winner. I lost $50. The same amount I was ahead on the last visit. Even Steven for the past two visits. Of course, I think I play pretty smart, despite losing $50. I run my money through, and cash out wins and save the ticket. That way I generally leave with most of my casino bankroll. I don't keep playing wins down to nothing. (Like Hick.)

Hick the selfishness-screamer was in a bit of a bind when he joined The Pony and me at the casino, after making his rounds about town looking for gun bargains to resell. He found me right after the slot tournament.

"Ya got any money? Alls I have is seventy."
Even cheapskate-roller Hick can't make that last for three hours in a casino. But seriously. After his SELFISH crack, why would I lend him one cent from my casino bankroll, culled from decades of wins?
"No. Maybe you shouldn't have squandered your money on guns. I guess you'll have to sit up front and play on your phone until we're ready to go. Or you can probably find an ATM and take out some of our money to pay back when you get home."
"I ain't takin' money out of no ATM to gamble with!"
Well said. We have NEVER, EVER done that, in our many long years of gambling. Not once. Off Hick went. To lose his money. Off I went. Feeling guilty. So a few minutes later, I sent him a text.

"I have a ticket you can cash out, and use some to play on. But you have to pay me back AS SOON AS WE GET HOME."

Heh, heh. It didn't take Hick five minutes to weave his way through the casino to find me. Almost as if I was emitting a FREE MONEY beacon for him to follow. THEN he acted put-out when I told him to bring me the rest, after he cashed the ticket. He self-righteously declared that he was good for the money. I held firm. And he brought it back to me. Although I would have preferred he not flash it in plain sight and make a show of counting it out. Also, Hick DID pay me back as soon as we got home. At least before he went to bed. And no, Hick was not a winner either that day.

Here's a picture of a little win, just to brighten up this shady tale of woe. Of course I cashed it out, but played elsewhere, so I didn't haul away any profit. At least I replaced what I spent of my casino bankroll, except for $50. Not a good day at the casino, but not a bad day at all.

This slot is Wonder 4 Boost. The game has four screens, but if you get a special bonus (like I did), or get the random BOOST, it goes to 8 SCREENS! For playing 13 games with 8 screens, this is actually a pretty poor bonus, even at my minimum bet of $1.60 (.40 per screen when it his this bonus).

Anyhoo... I'm not complaining about this win. Just about Hick reminding me that the casino had ripped me off for my hard-earned points money as well as the comp money. Who would have ever expected a casino to steal their money...


  1. I'm still fuming about them stealing points by changing the system...Your points should be Grandfathered in!!

    1. I know! I think I should have the opportunity to be a Gramps! Even SPRINT, those tightwad cell phone people, grandfathered in the unlimited data plan for my boys, and for Hick. They've been Grampsing for at least six years now!

  2. WHY does it cost us $2.40 to play this game? Somebody is messing with somebody, but the man did make a run to the bank today after the weekend trip to ours.. he made a deposit, but he says we are still not out of the red. Oh well.

    1. They found a way to tempt our greed! Why play ONE game for 60 cents, when you can play FOUR for $2.40, and quadruple your chance to win?

      I'm glad you had success. The Pony came out the big winner in our trip. I suppose I shouldn't begrudge him his wins. It's not like he hit $8,600...

  3. "You got any money? All I have is seventy" Holy Moly, seventy is plenty!

    1. Good thing you don't know how much he spent on guns! Since he uses his own Storage Unit Store money, I don't want to know.

  4. Right. Nobody takes money out of the ATM to GAMBLE with!!

    1. Never have, never will! I knew Hick wouldn't when I suggested it. That was a misdirect, to get his mind off MY MONEY!