Monday, September 21, 2020

Val and Hick Have a FAIRLY Good Lunch at the Casino

Hick and I were excited to try the FAIR FOOD at the casino last Thursday. We'd seen samples of it being brought out on our last visit two weeks prior. The waitress said that since the county couldn't hold their annual fair, the casino was switching up the menu of their only open restaurant to serve FAIR FOOD. Because the casino is selfless like that, I presume...

The menu posted at the entrance didn't explain what some items were. Most FAIR FOODS are pretty recognizable. We knew we wanted to share a funnel cake. I chose a Foot-Long Corn Dog, but couldn't decide on a side. Not that it was a combo. Everything was separate for the FAIR FOOD. I decided on Ribbon Potatoes. I assumed they would be like the home-made potato chips that come from one long slice of potato. It was.

Hick picked the Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops. I had no idea what that might look like. But with a price of 2 for $5.99, I was pretty sure they weren't going to look like something served to Fred Flintstone in his car. Hick went with the Curly Fries for a side. I was hoping he'd pick the Philly Fries, but no such luck. Good thing, because later I saw a picture, and they were curly fries with Philly cheesesteak ingredients on them. Hick doesn't like green peppers.

Anyhoo... let's get to the pictures.

That's my Foot-Long Corn Dog, with the other items in the background. I sent a picture to The Pony, who didn't accompany us because he'd been feeling a bit indisposed. He said, "That's the skinniest corn dog I've ever seen!" I agree. You might think there wasn't much batter on it, but there was. Inside was the skinniest hot dog I had ever seen. The Foot-Long Corn Dog had a good taste. It was crispy. I sometimes use ketchup on a corn dog, but ketchup did not complement this batter. It was good with mustard, though.

My Ribbon Potato was delicious! It was my favorite of all our FAIR FOODS. Crispy, with a little dash of some special seasoning. This kind of potato can sometimes be too oily, or limp and tough. Not mine! I ate every crumb! It looks like more than what's there. It was probably less than one of those Big Grab bags of chips that you can get for a dollar at convenience stores.

Those are Hick's Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops. I cautioned him to let me get a picture first, but he'd already started his feeding frenzy. I don't know about Hick, but I would term them a disappointment. He said there were cubes of pork chop skewered on the stick, then wrapped with bacon. They didn't come with any sauce. I'm pretty sure Hick ate them straight.

Those are Hick's Curly Fries. I did not try them, but they were plentiful. So much that Hick did not finish the entire basket. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because he got filled up on his Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops! I think the Curly Fries might have had a spicy coating. Not sure.

Here's the Funnel Cake. Or as I have come to think of it, the unhappy non-birthday imitation cake. Whoever made this sad treat must have been launching his maiden Funnel Cake. It wasn't so much poured through a funnel as it seemed to have trickled out the end of a ballpoint pen. It barely wove together in a cake form. More like assorted strands of fried batter. And they must have been rationing the confectioner's sugar! The Funnel Cake came with two sauces: caramel and chocolate. I pulled a fast one, and snatched the caramel, telling Hick: "You can have the chocolate sauce."

I was eager to share the caramel sauce with Hick, after the first bite. It was more like watery caramel juice, not sauce. It dripped too much to get a good coating on the Funnel Cake strands. It was like dipping a single strand of spaghetti in tomato juice! Hick declared that the chocolate sauce was "Not good." I gave it a try. It was also runny, and had a bitter taste. We came to the conclusion that the FUNnel Cake was a SADdel Cake. The Pony didn't miss much. He wasn't even enthusiastic about the Foot-Long Corn Dog after seeing the picture.

Too bad, so sad. We won't have a chance to sample the FAIR FOOD again. Saturday, September 19, was the last day of the casino fair. In ranking the items we tried, noting that I did not taste any of Hick's food, I would say they go, in order of best to worst:

Ribbon Potato
Foot-Long Corn Dog
Curly Fries
Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops
Funnel Cake

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of FAIR FOOD! Val gets out and about to try these things, so you don't have to!


  1. My BP shot up like a rocket just looking at that food.

    1. It's not health food! If there's a shortage of cooking oil used for deep-frying, it might be traced back to Hick and me!

  2. So it's fair to say the only people who can properly make Fair food are Fair people? The ribbon potato does look very delicious.

    1. It would seem so. The cooks in this casino seem to be unFair! Except the one who made my ribbon potato!

  3. The funnel cake was strange, like you said, separate strands. And, my thought was the corn dog was skinny, too. Strange.

    1. The corn dog was tasty enough, but I really wanted to yell, "Not FAIR!" about the funnel cake.

  4. I love funnel cakes! No sauce, just sugar for me. The corn dog did look anorexic. I long for a pronto pup from the Minnesota State Fair. An ice cold beer to wash it down. If you might be thinking the beer would make me tipsy, I shoved enough cheese curds and other delicacies to soak that alcohol up before switching to ice water to wash down the corn on cob dipped in butter, followed by the pork chop on a stick. Saltwater taffy, cotton candy and funnel cakes to go while eating a vanilla cone on the bus ride to our car. I only go there to eat!! My stomach would probably rebel now that I am older!

    1. I'd never had sauce with a funnel cake. And I probably won't again!

      Dang! Now I want to go to the Minnesota State Fair more than I want to go to the casino!