Saturday, September 5, 2020

In For a PENNY, In For Astound

Val's fantastic penny voyage has dropped anchor. After weeks of free sailing, the S.S. Pennyillionaire has become becalmed. No worries, though! Even Steven, Val's captain, has taken a different tack. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

On MONDAY, August 31, I braved a typhoon to obtain my 44 oz Diet Coke and scratchers. Good thing I'm not sweet enough to melt! I stopped by the Backroads Casey's, looking for the new scratchers. It was MO MONEY MONDAY, by cracky! The last Monday of the month, when new tickets come out.

Sadly, Casey's did not have them in their case yet. So I told the clerk never mind, I'd be back tomorrow. As if he cared, heh, heh.

Back outside, I saw the reason I'd been drawn there in the middle of a typhoon, when sensible men and beasts sat home in their dry houses and barns, with their monkey-sock orange-toed feet and metal-shod hooves propped up on their recliner and hay bale, sipping hot chocolate and well water, riding out the storm. The parking lot was empty, except for T-Hoe. And lying where a car would have been parked, was A PENNY!

Waiting just for ME, of course! Nobody else was getting out in that mess, and especially standing in the (at least slacked-off) downpour to take a picture! TWO pictures!

It was a face-down 2019, as clean as last week's was dirty!

That's only 1 PENNY for 1 CENT this week. But don't you worry about ol' Val. She was happy as Hick in a junk store to get that penny. And was rewarded in a non-coin, more ASTOUNDING way...


Penny       #106.
Dime         still at 15.
Nickel       still at 9.
Quarter    still at 1.

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5

WEDNESDAY, September 2, I bought my old favorite, the $30 Golden Ticket, at the Gas Station Chicken Store. I'd gotten a $100 winner on it a few days before, over at Country Mart's right side ticket machine, so I was hooked again.

The Gas Station Chicken Store also gave me a $100 winner. Good for me!

We were out of town on Thursday, so I couldn't do any scratchin'! But on FRIDAY, September 4, I was right back at the Gas Station Chicken Store to trade that in for another Golden Ticket. There are 20 tickets on a roll of those, and there's always a $100 winner. A 1-in-20 chance is pretty good if I have the bankroll to play it.

The Lady Owner waited on me. I asked if she could check the number on the next Golden Ticket. No use buying from the same roll if I already have the hundo! She said it was 017. My winner had been 015. No thanks! I'll wait for the next new roll.

However... I'd come in with plans to buy a $30 ticket. So I chose the $7,000,000 Mega Money Ticket. I'm glad I did.

Isn't he beautiful? Especially when you see that little winner hiding out in the last row.

It's a $500 WINNER! I'm sure glad the Gas Station Chicken Store was not into a new roll of Golden Tickets! Thanks, Even Steven! That's the cardboard equivalent of 50,000 PENNIES!


  1. How much do these tickets cost? I see tickets that cost $1 and $2. But, i am not sure how much you pay for these. I don't remember if the ones I see are high value winnings or not.

    1. I normally buy the $5 tickets, but they had not been winning anything. So I switched to an old favorite that has been out for four years, the Golden Ticket, which costs $30. It's not something I can buy frequently, but when I have some winnings built up, I can try it. They show the amount in the upper left corner of the ticket.

      I never win anything on the $1 or $2 tickets. Not even when somebody gives me a strip of ten of them for a birthday or Christmas gift. The $5 are the ones I play regularly. I get a $1000 winner about once a year on the $5 tickets. Last $1000 winner was in April 2019. I've had six of them total.

  2. I'm so happy for you. That's a lot of moolah :)

    1. Thank you! It has been cashed in, and the cash is SAFEly socked away for a time when it may be needed (or wanted).