Wednesday, September 2, 2020

We Might Be Off Our Rockers

More creepy shenanigans last week!

I've grown complacent with The Pony back home. When I hear walking, I assume that it's The Pony. He's a night owl like me. The footsteps, which used to be pacing in Genius's room, now occur overhead in The Pony's room.

"Were you up last night? Around 3:45? About 4:00? To go in the bathroom?"

"No. I didn't get up until after 6:00. I went to bed and stayed there, when I went upstairs from here around 12:30."

"Huh. I heard you! I heard your door creak open, and footsteps. No flushing, though."

"It wasn't me. But I've heard something in my room."


"No. Just standing."


"I have my head at the end of my bed by the door. So I couldn't see it, because it was behind my head. But I heard it. The floor creaking. Like something standing in one place, and rocking on its heels."

"YIKES! You didn't get up and turn on the light? Or just turn to look?"

"No. Didn't wanna know."

"I also heard something another night in the bathroom. No walking. Something fell. Hit the floor. Too heavy for a toothbrush. Not as heavy as a bar of soap in the tub. More like a stick of deodorant. An almost-empty stick of deodorant."

"I haven't found anything on the floor... but down here? When I came down the other night, around 9:30 to watch TV with you? That chair was moving by itself again! I didn't hit it. Just like last time when it did that. It started rocking on its own."

Something is wanting attention again!


  1. Replies
    1. Good thing you weren't here for the headless man in the basement!!!

  2. I think it's time to call in someone with a ouija board and find out just who is in your house and why.

    1. So far it hasn't seemed malicious. Just noises, mostly. And moving objects. Battery operated candles glowing for the first time ever, after sitting there 10 years. Name-calling (our actual names, not profanity). And a few pokes to the back of the neck.

      I'd rather put up with that, than mess with an Ouija Board! I'm not inviting anything to communicate!