Saturday, May 30, 2020

Val Had Grown PENCE-ive, Contemplating Her Future Pennyillionaire Fortune

The week was not kind to Val. Or WAS it...

Since last week, the citizenry of Backroads must have developed fingertips as sticky as a tree frog, so unfindable were pennies at Val's regular hangouts. I'd almost given up on even a meager harvest, by the time Thursday rolled around. There I was, getting a new phone, without any pennies to photograph with it.

THURSDAY, May 28, we got home from the phone-buying excursion around 1:00, so I headed for town. Still plenty of time for a 44 oz Diet Coke. I had my brand new Samsung Galaxy A51 on the charger in T-Hoe when I arrived at the Gas Station Chicken Store. I left it there as I started inside. Some YAYhoo was parked sideways across the gas pump entrance by the store. Forward, back, forward...not sure what he was trying to do, but it sent me on a path around behind him, by the propane tanks. Here's a picture I took of the area on Friday.

Of course I'm showing you that, because not even 30 minutes after I returned home with my new phone, I found a PENNY there. What a coincidence, huh? Here's the penny posed on The Pony's bed of fast-food salt in T-Hoe:

It was a 1955 face-down penny that had been scraped to look newer! Might have been there since 1955. I don't normally walk over that way, but take a more direct route to the door.

I chastised myself for leaving my phone in T-Hoe, and headed over to Country Mart. Where I also left my phone charging on the console. I guess The Universe decided I needed a smack-down to make me pay attention. Because when I returned, to my not-often-used parking space,

I saw a penny under T-Hoe's driver's door! All I had to do was reach in and untether my phone from the charger. I think it takes a pretty good picture! That is NOT my cart, nor a puddle left from my incontinence!

This was a face-down 1982 penny. Quickly harvested by me, myself, and I.

FRIDAY, May 29, I headed for Sis-Town to do my Thursday errands that had been delayed by my phone-buying trip. At the School-Turn Casey's, I was slightly disgruntled when the clerk told me her MoLottery scanner was on the fritz, and could not read my winner. I forked over cash instead, and turned to leave. Whereupon I discovered

My first QUARTER of the year! Please note all the wasted space in this Casey's since their remodel. Yet the counter area doesn't even have room for social distancing! People are crammed in like cattle in a chute! As Hick would say, "Some ENGINEER probably designed it!"

My magnificent specimen was a 2003, head-up. This is one of the state quarters, and it happened to be the MISSOURI version, with the St. Louis Arch and Louis and Clark on the back. I rarely see that kind in my change.

A very good week, pulling through at the tail-end, to contribute 27 CENTS to Val's Future Pennyillionaire coffers.


Penny       # 58, 59.
Dime         still at 11.
Nickel       still at 3.
Quarter    # 1

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5


  1. It's much faster becoming a quarterillionaire!

    1. I agree. It would be even faster becoming a silver-dollarillionaire, but those coins are quite hard to find now. The quarter-size dollar coins are not nearly as appealing.

  2. I recognised that quarter immediately, purely by size. You did well this week. The quarter is so you don't have to go out looking for pennies for twenty five days when the weather is too unwelcoming some time in the future.
    I did well myself, clearing out a cupboard and finding a plastic, lidded container that rattled and when opened revealed 90 cents in small change. All very dirty and needing washing, which is probably why I stashed it in there in the first place. I just tossed it all in my change purse without the washing.

    1. Ooh! I never thought about earning a vacation! It's not like I found 90 cents! I'm sure your coins have lost their germiness after being stashed away.

  3. Puddle not from your incontinence... you make me laugh out loud.
    If you keep rolling with quarters you will really be rolling in the dough.

    1. I had to let the record show my innocence! The quarter was a treat. I was beginning to think I would be shut out this year on quarters.