Saturday, May 16, 2020

It's HaPENNYing!

Looks like The Universe has been put on notice that Val is BACK! Back on her Pennyillionaire quest. Five days out of seven, a coin was waiting for her.

Aha! I caught one in the wild! SATURDAY, May 9, I spied a penny as I stepped out of T-Hoe at the Backroads Casey's. Of course my new used iPhone 8 went dead the second I tried to take a picture. So I restarted it, and took one, and set that phone down, not even looking at it the whole way home.

I call this technique iOutsmart my iPhone! Once home, I didn't mess with it until I got down to my lair, logged into my email on New Delly, and then sent the photo to myself. It worked. THIS time. Sorry no closeup. I know how you love to look at random pennies! This was a heads-up 2013 penny, laying there waiting for me to park in an unmarked spot, step out, and notice it.

SUNDAY, May 10, I went in Country Mart to look for a specific scratcher requested by The Pony. All my regular parking spaces were filled, so I had to park out front. There was a person at the one working scratcher machine (I think Country Mart is either getting new machines, or getting out of the lottery business!), but I could see over his shoulder that the selection was poor, with over half the tickets sold out. I did not see The Pony's requested Queen of Hearts. So I left.

On the way back to the car, right in my uncommon path, was a PENNY!

Of course I didn't have my cantankerous new used iPhone 8 with me. So I had to pose that face-down 1981 gem on T-Hoe's dashboard. Sorry for the shipwrecky kind of angle. I was showing my position in the parking lot.

TUESDAY, May 12, I was out and about with my doctor nurse practitioner appointment. On the way home, we stopped by the Sis-Town Casey's for some scratchers. All losers, sad to say. But I DID find a penny!

Unfortunately, it was up against the counter, near a lady's foot. So I had to wait for her to leave, then scoop it out with the toe of my shoe. No time to try for a picture with my questionable new used iPhone 8 lemon.

It was a face-down 2011, posed here at my kitchen counter, on the sticker they slapped on my shoulder to visit my clinic.

WEDNESDAY, May 13, I was leaving Orb K with my scratchers, taking a roundabout route due to the floor tape and other people daring to patronize one of my lottery hangouts. Just before I got to the door, at the end of the whiskey shelf, I saw a DIME on the floor! Didn't have my virtually useless slick brick of a new used iPhone 8 in my pocket.

It was a heads-up 2014 dime, about the size of the Monopoly man's head, posed here on my ticket (which later won my $10 back).

THURSDAY, May 14, I bypassed the School-Turn Casey's, where I'd intended to buy scratchers, because the parking lot was full. Instead, I went to the Backroads Casey's. I was meant to, I suppose. Because outside the door, I saw a PENNY! A face-down 2015. I risked my noggin being crushed by an exit-ing customer, and flaunted my ample rumpus to some workmen in a white truck eating their lunch. That cent went right into my shirt pocket.

Once inside, I saw TWO PENNIES under the edge of the counter gum display. As soon as the old man ahead of me left, I scooted them out with the tip of my shoe. Got 'em! A heads-up 1975, and a face-down 2018.

There they are, lined up left-to-right, on the dusty, dusty dash of T-Hoe. There's my de-germing doctor nurse practitioner appointment mask at the end, waiting for Hick to put it in his truck for Goodwill shopping (he says they require it). And a poster for this month's outrageously-priced pizza special on the front wall of Casey's. I think it's Philly Cheesesteak.

Anyhoo... Val and her Future Pennyillionaire Fortune had a good week!
Seven coins, worth 16 CENTS!


Penny       # 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53.
Dime         # 11.
Nickel      still at 3.
Quarter   0

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5


  1. With all those coins, please get a new working phone! You can not continue with a faulty phone camera.

    1. I KNOW! Funny how I can make it hold a picture without shutting off if I'm outside the store. Inside, it immediately goes black and restarts. Or if I do ANYTHING after taking ONE picture. Can't take two, can't send a text, can't email myself. It shuts down, then comes back and says Safari can't connect to the internet to update. Genius says it's a bad battery because it's a used phone.

      We have been waiting for the reopening of the Sprint store that will sell a phone outright. I think I saw it was open with limited hours last week. Hopefully Hick will take me, and I'll get one next week or the one after.

  2. Hurrah for the successful penny hunt! Go good to see your hoard growing.

    1. Hick might have to build me my own special themed shed over in Shackytown!

  3. You call that dash dusty? You should get a look at my furniture! Now that's dust a woman would be proud to call dusty! I probably should clean (*~*)
    Glad the pennies are popping up again, you had quite a slack spell recently. Did you find The Pony's Queen of Hearts?

    1. I DID find The Pony a Queen of Hearts ticket, and he won $15.

  4. You are smokin'. I have found three pennies in the last week also, I think the dry spell is over, or maybe I and others are getting out more.

    1. I AM! Hope there's no need to stick a fork in me anytime soon! I'm nowhere near done collecting my Future Pennyillionaire Fortune.

      Yes, people are getting out more, and they're so giddy with freedom that they don't notice a dropped penny.