Saturday, May 9, 2020

Due to HapPENCEstance, Val Was Forced to Artistically Render Legal Tender

Oh my gosh! This week, as she was released from Stay-At-Home-Down, free to roam about the back roads, the skies opened and rained down coins harder on Val than those rocks on Carrie White's house at the end of Carrie. The Stephen King novel, not the movie.

SATURDAY, May 2, I cast off the shackles of Stay-At-Home-Down, since it technically was due to end on Sunday, May 3...and headed to town for a 44 oz Diet Coke and scratchers. In Orb K again, I spied a PENNY! It was a face-down 2006, wedged under the edge of the counter. I fished it out with the toe of my shoe (my own this time, and not The Pony's castoff), and exposed my ample rumpus to pick it up.

It was technically last week, but after the Saturday CENTSus went to press! Of course my new used iPhone 8 was in the middle of restarting after shutting itself off, so I didn't get a photo. You'll have to make do with my artist's rendering in PAINT. I am SO OVER THIS iPHONE!

SUNDAY, May 3, I was double-lucky! I found two coins, AND I got a later picture of them to stay on my new used iPhone 8 long enough to save it on New Delly!

It was in the Backroads Casey's. They were spread too far apart for one picture. And you KNOW I can't take two with my current phone lemon.

I DID get a picture out in T-Hoe, with them laying on the scratcher I bought inside. I wasn't triple-lucky, though. The ticket was a loser. But I had my heads-up 1999 quarter, and my face-down 2015 penny. So there's that!

MONDAY, May 4, I scored a penny in the Backroads Casey's! Sorry for posing it on my kitchen counter.

The minute I entered, I spied this under the candy racks between the registers, just in front of the SCRATCHER display! A heads-up 1979 dirty-faced Lincoln. Sorry, social-distancers. Somebody got an ample-rumpusing! Didn't even take my new used (lemon) iPhone 8 in with me. I got a picture in T-Hoe, which did not survive the ride home.

But the one from my next stop did! While not actually capturing the next one in the wild, I DID get him in T-Hoe, in front of Orb K, where he was blending in with the tile floor. I almost missed him. Good thing I know that squinting can focus eyesight.

It was a heads-up 2011 penny, posed here on a scratcher that won me $5. Money back! To play again...

WEDNESDAY, May 6, I dipped my toe into the Walmart waters for the first time in ages. Imagine my surprise, when putting my last bag in the cart, to see a PENNY laying there at the end of the checkout, between my cart and the checker to my right. Of course my phone chose that Kodak moment to go black. It didn't help that the guy behind me tried to ram my ample rumpus with his cart to hurry me along. Sheesh! Like people have anywhere to go in a hurry these days!

There he is, once home, and that dang phone working again. A shiny 2007, which was face-down in Walmart, but posed for you here on top of my 44 oz Diet Coke, since he's so photogenic.

That makes SIX COINS this week, for a total of 30 CENTS! Free money!


Penny       # 43, 44, 45, 46, 47.
Dime         # 10.
Nickle      still at 3.
Quarter   0

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5


  1. Sounds like a good week for Val.

    Mrs. C in her continuing sorting through her hoarders hoard found $1.72 in coins, but 57 were wheat pennies (she has been hoarding for a long time, and she used to save the wheats, they may be worth 2 cents each) and about $375 in cash...unfortunately the cash was in confederate bills, which maybe you could use, except research proved them to be fake. Even fake they may be worth a dollar or two per bill, but we're going to hang on and maybe pass them off as real in case the South makes a comeback.

    1. Hick would be SO JEALOUS of the confederate bills! He'd probably build them their own themed shed. Good luck waiting on that comeback to cash in your counterfeit bills. A monkey will probably jump out your butt first.

      When I used to work at Casey's, I got a silver certificate dollar bill. I kept if for Hick, who was thrilled. All I knew was that I had a dollar that looked different.

  2. WalMart! Haven't been there for a month at least!

    Counted out some pennies for McD drive-through we used for purchase, and boy oh boy you would have been jumping around, esp. since you didn't give the world a view of your rump.

    1. The world would be a lesser place without an occasional showing of my ample rumpus!

  3. I do like free money and I like your kitchen counter which is a much nicer colour than my own.

    1. My kitchen is nothing fancy, very '90s. But I DID pick out that color myself.

  4. Happy Mother's Day and may you be showered with pennies this week.

    1. Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!