Saturday, December 2, 2023

The PENNYILLIONAIRE Train Is Chugging Along Again

This week ended strong! It was off to a slow start until TUESDAY, November 28, when I stopped for gas at the Sis-Town Casey's. The previous week of Thanksgiving had thrown off my Thursday errand schedule.

The line was 8 deep, and I had to walk around to the end of the candy aisle to wait. I suppose I was meant to do that, because I found a treat. And I don't mean candy!

It was a face-down 1978 penny. Sadly, I saw another one by the door on my way out, but I couldn't stop for a pic and picking, because I had already pre-paid for gas, and if you take a few seconds too long, the pump shuts off and you have to go back inside to have them re-set it. Not on these old knees!

WEDNESDAY, November 29, I was listening to a high school kid's tale of woe while waiting at the Gas Station Chicken Store for my scratchers, when I spied a penny on the rug!

Poor kid! He had lost his cell phone. Thought it fell out of his pocket on the school parking lot. The cashier said he should go back after he got his gas, and look for it, and ask in the office the next day in case somebody had found it. Kid was afraid someone ran over it.

I felt bad for the kid, but was thrilled to pick up that heads-up 2007 penny while I waited.

FRIDAY, December 1, brought me double luck. I was back at the Sis-Town Casey's for gas, because I didn't fill T-Hoe's tank as much as I'd planned on Tuesday. It's hard to predict by T-Hoe's gas gauge, and the variance week-to-week in the price of gas. I certainly don't want to pay for too much, and risk going back in for a refund. And no way am I paying with a card at the pump, since they've found skimmers at a Casey's in the area. Anyhoo... I put in another $15 of gas to top off T-Hoe's tank. 

As I was getting back in T-Hoe, I saw a glint out ahead on the pavement. No, not by the door handle. No, not by the tire. Out ahead of that crack in the pavement:

Yes. I can see what I want to see. My dearth of pennies recently was not due to vision problems!

It was a very roughed-up heads-up 2000 penny. Poor Abe. That's gonna leave a permanent mark.

But wait! My harvest was not yet complete! I stopped by the School-Turn Casey's on my way home, and on the way out, I saw this little gem waiting for me.

That sign might as well say, "CAUTION: Watch out for ample-rumpusing!"

It was a face-down 2021 DIME! I do love to find silver! Looks like Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune ain't done kickin' just yet.

That's 4 COINS this week, for 13 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny           # 82, 83, 84.
Dime             # 18.
Nickel           still at 1
Quarter        still at 4


Penny           124
Dime              21
Nickel              7
Quarter             9


Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter         6


  1. It is amazing how you find nothing, then coins appear.

    1. I suppose Even Steven is evening me. Just like lottery streaks of winning and losing. Nothing lasts forever.

  2. I'm happy when you find silver too. i dug up an old coin in my garden soon after I moved here, all rough and brown I couldn't even tell what it was but the size indicated an old Australian penny. I put it away and forgot about it until yesterday when I was clearing out drawers and found it. I scrubbed it up and it is a twenty cent piece. That went into my "daily newspaper" money goblet.

    1. Heh, heh! You discovered that treasure TWICE!

  3. I'd say 2000 was a rough year for Abe penny. Man, it was trashed. It needs to be given a place of honor.

    1. Poor bedraggled Abe is bunking with more robust Abes, and Thomas Jeffersons, FDRs, and George Washingtons in my 2023 penny goblet.

  4. You always make me think of my Daddy (southern girls call them Daddy, no matter how old they are!). I can still see his happy grin when I would hand him the keys to the soda machines and laundry machines. Took him all day to gather coins and sort through them. He wasn't interested in the paper money and he did not want help. I miss him.

    1. My dad also collected unusual coins. Another hobby was walking along his property with a metal detector, or just a stick, discovering old bottles and cans from when the road was a major highway.