Monday, December 11, 2023

Can't. Help. It. I SWEAR!

This is the longest winning streak ever! I am prepared for it to end. Each day, I tell myself, "This is probably the day I'll win nothing. It's about time." Only it's not! I'm a jackpot magnet! 

Friday, I pulled into the Liquor Store parking lot. Got my favorite parking place down front, where I can pull out without backing up, and without being impeded by the drive-thru line. It wasn't particularly busy. I knew the tickets I wanted. But something kept me from getting out. I glanced across the street to the Casey's, and noticed that it was not busy. Huh. Maybe I should go there instead.

I put my seatbelt back on and was lucky to hit the exit while the traffic light had the cars stopped. Made a quick left to get to Casey's, where I nabbed the handicap space (thanks, placard!). I went in and bought four tickets, using some of my oh-so-generous previous winnings. When I scratched them at home, I found that every ticket was a winner. My two $5 crosswords each won their money back. A $10 ticket won $40. And then there was THIS:

I matched every number! The prizes added up to a $177 WINNER. Yeah. That's an odd kind of jackpot, but this Triple Red 777 ticket has odd prizes because it uses 7s as well as the normal 5s, 10s, and 20s.  

I'm really glad I changed my mind at the last minute to buy tickets at Casey's instead of the Liquor Store. Heh, heh! You never know, though. I might have missed a big jackpot there! My usual crosswords that I get every day at the Gas Station Chicken Store won nothing. I didn't mind.

The Pony has taken a vacation week, so we are going to the casino one day. I am not overly optimistic for my success. Usually, if I'm winning at scratchers, I lose at the casino. And if I'm having a bad scratching streak, I finish pretty close to even or better at the casino.

We'll see how this pattern holds up...


  1. Your streak is amazing! Maybe it will carry over to the casino this time.

    1. It's my longest winning streak EVER! Heh, heh! It will probably end in the casino! Maybe I should pack an extra shirt, in case I lose mine.

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    1. Thanks. I always have a good time, even if I lose. I get to have The Pony as a captive audience during the drive there and back. And we will have lunch, which is a change from my own cooking! I have already counted out what I'm willing to lose from my casino bankroll, and I will leave the rest at home in the safe.

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    1. That ship has sailed, and is listing heavily!