Friday, March 31, 2023

Hick Ruffles an Old Biddy's Feathers

Hick got to the surgeon's office around 10:15. He went to the desk (he took his cane today), and told the gal he needed to talk to somebody about his pain.

"I called here two days ago, and nobody ever called me back. So I came to talk to somebody in person."

Old Biddy was not happy.

"Sit down over there, and I'll go ask somebody."

When she returned to the desk, she was even less happy.

"Come get these papers. You need to fill them out before you can be seen."

That made Hick perk up. It meant he was going to actually get an exam, which had not been in his wildest dreams when he left home. He filled out the papers, though what more he might have needed I can't imagine, since they have all his records due to the surgery. 

"They called me back at 10:45. I sat in the room until about 11:20, when the surgeon came in. Old Biddy came to check on me once, and made sure to tell me, 'You're at our mercy today.'"

What in the Not-Heaven? Was that a threat? If they had answered their phones like professionals, Hick would not have needed to drive 2.5 hours round trip to seek follow-up treatment for his post-surgery pain. Maybe this was the actual gal who didn't return Hick's call. But like he said, "I didn't want to push that issue."

The surgeon examined Hick. Looked at his incision. Said it was fine, but gave him some more betadine towelette thingies for me to swipe it with, due to one little hole at the bottom of the scar. As he said, "I pushed on it and squeezed it. I don't see any infection, but just in case, use this again."

He felt all around Hick's back. Then his hips.

"My back didn't hurt at all. He squeezed my left hip, and it was a little sore, but when he squeezed my right hip, it lit me up!"

The surgeon said he could feel arthritis in Hick's hips. He thinks they are inflamed, probably due to the fever Hick had last week. He said the muscle that runs across Hick's back, where he was cutting around, could affect both hips. He called in a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medicine, the name which escapes me. It starts with a C. Hick read the enclosure, and said it's non-steroidal, and used for people with arthritis to relieve pain and inflammation. He's supposed to take one every 12 hours, and has 60 of them.

Hick is supposed to keep his regular follow-up appointment next week. I think they will do x-rays then. Meanwhile, he got a letter to go for therapy. As he pulled onto the parking lot of that facility, he got a call from the surgeon's office. Not sure if it was Old Biddy, but she said, "You are probably not happy with that letter. It has another patient's name on it. I forgot to switch it out. So have the therapist call me, and I will straighten it out."

Good thing Hick is an advocate for his own care...


  1. Good Grief. Old Biddy has to get her act together:) I'm glad that the surgeon gave Hick the anti-inflammatory pills. I hope they work for his pain.

    1. Hick said Old Biddy WAS the one who gave him the wrong-name paperwork for therapy. AND she said it was actually HIS fault, because he came in without an appointment, and got her paperwork out of order!

      The first pill he took last night helped his pain, and he was able to get some sleep. The one he took this morning was not as effective. We'll see if they have a cumulative effect, since the paper says they control inflammation.

  2. That doctor's office sounds disorganized, they didn't return his first call, they gave him the letter for another patient. But he did get in and get seen without a scheduled appointment so that was good. I would think anti-inflammatory pills will stop the pain at the source after he takes a few of them. Best wishes for healing.

    1. You ain't a-woofin'! Actually, they HAD returned the first two calls Hick made after his surgery. But BEFORE the surgery, they scoffed at Hick's question of a hospital stay, saying they were only operating on his NECK! Rather than the lumbar vertebrae in his lower spine. Hick was quick to set the record straight.

      I have a feeling Old Biddy went to check on who was going to answer un-appointmented Hick's questions, and was told that he would be seen. Thus her extra bitterness.

  3. Life never goes easy on Hick. Old Biddy must have twins all over the country. Maybe it is a Midwest thing, where Biddies feel they are superior. Poor Hick. Hope this helps.

    1. Old Biddy definitely overestimates her importance! Hick said that his pain was at 5/10, right before he took his 6:00 anti-inflammatory pill. So it could be worse. Yet it could be better.

  4. Old Biddy probably needs a little something extra in her coffee. I expect the anti-inflammatory pills will have an accumulative effect, Hick just needs to remember to keep to the schedule for them.

    1. Hick can remember these pills. He takes one at 6:00 a.m., and one at 6:00 p.m. Old Biddy needs an attitude adjustment! I don't think that comes in a form that can be added to coffee... legally, anyway.