Sunday, March 19, 2023

Good Thing The Pony Isn't Skittish

Never a dull moment when The Pony is on the job. I got a text Saturday afternoon:

"Got a story for you today. Remind me when I'm off!"

I had full intentions to do so, after shopping and putting away groceries. But The Pony caught me while I was in Country Mart, and I couldn't respond until I got out to T-Hoe. They must have a jammer in that store! I can never get a text to send. Anyhoo... The Pony gets off work at 4:00. His text came at 4:18.

"So! To preface this I'm fine!"

As if that isn't something to make me wish for my helicopter to come off the blocks!

"But also, I had a gun pointed at me today!"


"Guy was coming out of his house as I walked up to do their mail, a bunch of stuff under his arm as he kept the dogs from running through the door. So, I hand him his mail. Look down as I'm starting on to the next house, to make sure I don't trip on something, and the hand with all the stuff in it has a little black pistol in it pointing right at me, like a foot from my stomach!"

"Dang! Did you report it?"

"I told the manager. But I'm not sure he even realized it was happening, so like. It's not worth making a fuss over and calling the postal inspectors in, since he was already leaving the house like that and didn't pull it on me like the one back around when I started did to that rural carrier."

"He probably answers the door like that."

"Some people might, but this time at least he was half out the door as I walked up and in his car leaving by the time I got to the next house."

"So not specifically for you. Maybe couldn't see your uniform." [It was 21-degree wind chill.]

"It wasn't me knocking on the door or anything. Manager's response when I said that the day was fine 'except for the guy that pointed a gun at me' was a very fast and very serious 'Say what now? Seriously?'"

"Well, Missouri IS an open carry state, I guess! Maybe he was one of your dad's customers, heh, heh!"

"Open carry doesn't include pointing it at people! But yeah, this was just him being dumb."

I can't believe The Pony went on about his work business after that scenario, but he's a stable fellow. No harm, no foul. A sports reference which The Pony would not be picking up as I laid it down.

For some reason, I imagine a drug connection to the guy's stuff under his arm, and paranoia. But that's just my conspiratorial mind working overtime.


  1. Wow, your Pony is a calm guy. I did have a gun pointed at me once as I walked toward a bank at the tail end of a bank robbery.

    1. Yikes! I hope to never have such an experience. The closest was a dude with a pointy meth beard and a pitbull behind me at the bank drive-thru.

  2. I think he was probably just holding the gun not realising it was pointed at anyone. Your drugs theory also has merit, you just never know these days.

    1. Yeah. But many people have been killed by "unloaded" and "unpointed" guns. If you have a gun, you should at least know whether or not it's pointed at anyone.

  3. I sincerely believe there should be a gun safety course you would have to pass BEFORE you are allowed to purchase a gun, much less be awarded an open carry permit. You have to pass a written test and a drivers test before you can get a driver's license. I do realize a lot of people by-pass requirements to drive, but that leaves them subject to law enforcement stepping in. I do not know enough about a gun to own one, so I don't have one.

    1. You don't even need a permit in Missouri! Anybody 18 or over can buy a gun and carry it. I think it might be 21 for a handgun.

      All you need is a background check run through the ATF. If the ATF doesn't reply within 72 hours (?) they can have the gun. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I know Hick has to submit the info from their application before he can sell to them. Some pay ahead, but if denied, he refunds their money. And they suddenly 'remember' why they might have been denied. Like their status as a convicted felon...

      The person has to fill out their application themself. Some guys bring their wife to fill it out, but that's not legal. That's the feds, but as far as Missouri, there are no regulations except age that I've heard Hick mention.

      A gun safety course IS required for a hunting license. Lots of schools have a conservation agent come in and give the course and test on weekends, or in the evening.