Friday, January 13, 2023

Val Might Be a Public Enemy Again

Winter has found us again. It was 36 when I parked T-Hoe beside the Gas Station Chicken Store. Winds were forecast to be 17 mph. When I opened my door, the wind almost cracked it off the hinges! Good thing it wasn't coming from the other direction, or it might have slammed my whole body in the door!

I rounded the corner and opened the glass door to enter the Gas Station Chicken Store. That wind was whipping along under the roof, past the gas pumps. When the owners are there, they put a heavy trash can beside the little blacktop ramp leading to the threshold, to catch that glass door before it can be smashed against the brick wall. I was extra careful to hold onto it and pull it shut behind me.

The man ahead of me caught my attention. He was just a 50-something man, in a baseball cap and Levis and black New Balance shoes. His jacket was the show-stopper. It was not new, but well worn. Leather. PURPLE leather! I was intrigued. Maybe because I spent so many years teaching in a school where our colors were purple and white. 

Anyhoo... Purple Leather completed his $52 gas transaction, and took the red tickets for the weekly drawing to win a rolling jackpot for free gas. He stepped aside to tear off the half of the tickets to deposit in the cardboard drawing box behind me. 

I cashed in a $40 winner, and spent $19 of it back. Joked with the cashier. She said she heard there was snow in Jefferson City. Her daughter lives there, and had send her a picture of the kids in their snow jackets. We were hoping it was not headed this way.

As I started out and took my first step down the ramp, clinging to the glass door for support, I felt the wind's force trying to force it open farther. I held on, and pulled it to close as I took my second step out the door.


Purple Leather was behind me, trying to get out the door!

"OH! Sorry! I thought the wind was grabbing it!"

"Haha! I wondered why you were slamming it on me!"

"I didn't mean to!"

"It's fine!"

No good deed goes unpunished. I hope they don't print my picture from the security camera, and put it up on the wall next to the gas drive-offs!


  1. He said it was fine, so stop worrying. Your picture won't be on the wall.

    1. He's just a customer, not the one who posts the pictures. You don't know the temperament of the Woman Owner! She runs a tight ship.

  2. They put your picture on a wall? How do they get a picture? The Patient was thinking of accompanying me to Walmart, but I was afraid someone would get a picture of a skinny old man holing onto a ziplock bag with nasty stuff inside and he would end up as a "People of Walmart".

    1. They haven't put MY picture on the wall (yet). They have surveillance cameras outside and inside, due to gas drive-offs. They review the tapes and print a still picture after blowing it up. Sadly, the local police won't pursue those criminals, because they say they get let out on bond as quick as they haul them in. At least it keeps them from coming back, I suppose, when their cronies tell them their picture is up.

      OH NO! We don't want HeWho famous for THAT!