Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Just When I Was Feeling Cheated...

Yes, I was a little disappointed when That Lady told me about her $1000 lottery winner on a ticket I had waffled on the day before. Still, I was happy that she had a good winner. 

When I got home, I scratched my own tickets. I had a couple from the Backroads Casey's. Imagine the thrill when I uncovered THIS on my first ticket:

That's a $500 WINNER, by cracky! I like playing these tickets when I can afford to, because there are only 20 tickets per roll, and six or seven of them are winners. Every roll has a $100 winner. So my odds are 1 in 20 of getting a $100, and 1 in 3 of at least getting my money back.

That's as much of a closeup as I can get, and still show you my winnings. But WAIT! When I scratched my second ticket, I was also on the receiving end of luck!

Another $100 coming my way! I sure am glad I stopped by the Backroads Casey's!

Hick said he was happy for me, though his mood didn't seem all that festive.

I took my winnings back to Country Mart the next day, but like the guy with his hair stuffed up under his hat in that song "Signs," they didn't have a penny to pay! I'll have to go back earlier in the day. Such a hardship for my sleeping habits, but I think I can deal with it.

With my newfound fortune not yet paid out, I decided to get one of those tickets that had won big for That Lady who works at Country Mart. Not THERE, of course! I got one at Orb K. Imagine my surprise when the dude put it on the counter, and I saw that it was a newer version, with neon green instead of pink on that black ticket. 

I was resigned to losing on it again, until I uncovered that last number. Which was another 5X! Meaning a second $100 winner for me!

In the span of 24 hours, Val won a total of $747 (counting my $3 ticket winners as well). 

A winning streak is nice while it lasts. We'll see how far this one goes. Even though it means I will be losing sleep to get my big ticket cashed in. The only places that will cash over $100 are Country Mart and the Gas Station Chicken Store when an owner is on the premises.


  1. I am positively seething with neon green envy, if you look towards Australia you may even see the faint glow of it. Also I am happy for you, that's a good stretch of wins :)

    1. Neon green envy is my favorite envy. You might be extra green to hear that today, I had TWO $50 winners! One on another neon green/black ticket, and one on a $10 ticket that is neon green on a kelly green background.