Sunday, January 15, 2023

Hick the Freeloader Is Back in Action

For my purposes, Hick being a FREELOADER refers to him loading up free stuff! People seem to trip all over themselves giving things to him! They probably play rock/paper/scissors to see who gets the honor.

I came home from town on Saturday, and saw that Hick had left me a little treat on the kitchen counter, next to the sink. Of course he didn't come in to boast about it until after I had carried in and put away all the groceries.

"Look what I got you! It's what you use, right?"

"Well. I HAVE used it. But it's Great Value, and it takes three times as much, because the suds don't last long, and it's not good with grease."

"It's green apple. The kind you use, anyway. Besides, it's FREE! My buddy got a bunch at the auction, and he gave me EIGHT bottles of it!"

"Yes. That IS good, since it's free. I can use three times as much!"

They do look very similar. Almost as if Great Value was trying to trade off the brand name of Dawn! Dawn, the dish liquid that can wash baby ducks clean of oil slicks! Hick fell for it, anyway. But at least he didn't pay for it.

My Dawn is labeled as "hand soap." But nobody uses a bottle like this as hand soap. It's dish detergent for me! Works just like dish detergent.

As I was getting ready to brag tell you all about my gift via the Blogosphere, I looked over to the kitchen chair where Hick had stashed his bounty. Not only were there seven of the bottles of Great Value in that box, but I saw TWO additional bottles...

Perhaps JUGS is the word I'm looking for. Hick didn't specifically say that those were my jugs, heh, heh. Maybe he is going to use them for power-washing the Double Hovel. 

Anyhoo... once again, Hick has raked in FREE STUFF!


  1. They are both labelled Hand Wash, with the Ultra also saying Dish Detergent, and as long as they both do the job, it doesn't matter. I love free stuff. I had a neighbour give me a grocery bag with boxes of tissues and individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper, she said she was giving them to several neighours since she had so many boxes of them. They aren't brands I have ever seen in the shops, so I suspect they are stolen goods, perhaps from a warehouse that supplies places like nursing homes, but I'm not about to challenge her about it. she doesn't get out herself, so she is not the thief, but people come and go from her place a lot. I just said thank you and stashed them in my bathroom.

    1. The Dawn was shelved with the dish detergents, not the soap. It foams like dish detergent. My hand soap has never gotten sudsy like that. It makes more of a flat lather. So despite the label, it's dish detergent to me!

      Good score on your tissues and TP! Maybe somebody stole them with the intent of selling them at exorbitant prices during the VIRUS, and now they're just in the way. I think your possible secret is safe.

  2. Th bottles do resemble each other and the color of the soap is the same .... but the words are different. The Patient would have done the same thig and then congratulated himself on turning me onto a product that is so much cheaper. I use Dawn, too. Great Value does not cut the grease.

    1. I suppose I should be shocked that Hick even knew what color detergent I use! If I wash the greasy items in the hottest water within a couple minutes of sudsing up, the Great Value works okay. However... I can only wash a sink of greasy dishes (quickly!), since I'm not going to try washing the rest in that same water.