Monday, January 30, 2023

Strike 2, and You're Beggin' For a Dust-Off Pitch

Yesterday, I mentioned the New Gal (new to me, not necessarily a new employee) who rubbed me the wrong way at the School-Turn Casey's by asking me IF I HAD ENOUGH MONEY to buy the scratchers I requested. Perhaps it was a self-perceived insult. Perhaps not. You're not going to like everybody in the world, and they're not going to like you back. Sometimes people's personalities just don't mesh, even in brief interactions. The trick is to be civil, and then avoid them in the future!

When I got in line last week, I saw that it was the New Gal who would be waiting on me. I was brave! I didn't step back and wait for the other cashier to be available. I stepped right up, giving her a chance at redemption. No chip on my shoulder at all.

I had winners to cash in this time. I hand them to the clerk, and tell them how much they're worth. I scan them with my phone app ahead of time, so I know for sure. I do this as a courtesy, because at Casey's, the clerks will ask. They want to make sure you don't have a big winner, because they can't pay out any ticket over $100. Once it's scanned, it can't be scanned again. So you'd have to buy your winner's worth of merchandise if that happened. I bypass the step of making them ask me how much the winner is worth.

Anyhoo... I told New Gal as I handed them over. I usually add whether I'm buying more tickets, or want the cash back. My jaw was unhinged to provide this info, but New Gal took hold of my tickets and spoke to the other clerk, who was having trouble scanning a ticket from the guy he was waiting on. So I didn't interrupt. They always ask anyway if I don't tell them. They scan the winners, print out a little receipt for their register, lay it on the counter, and ask what you want to do.

They got the other guy's ticket scanned by tilting it just right to read the barcode. New Gal scanned my tickets, put the receipt on the counter, and OPENED UP HER REGISTER DRAWER!

"Oh. I was going to buy more tickets with that."

"Well, I already cashed it out." She was pulling bills out of the drawer. "You didn't tell me."

What in the NOT-HEAVEN! That was not said matter-of-factly, but with an edge. Like an accusation. A method some people use when they don't want to be wrong. No way was I going to meekly take this blatant verbal abuse! 

"You didn't ask me." Said with the same tone New Gal had used with me. Take THAT, you passive-aggressive little twerp!

New Gal's demeanor changed. "Fair enough." She continued to count out my money. Even a bully can respect somebody who stands up to them!

"It doesn't matter to me. I can spend it right back to you."

Which is what I did. At least she knew I had enough money to pay for my tickets, heh, heh!

I am almost to the point of avoiding New Gal next time I go in there. I already do it with a young whipper-snapper at Orb K. I will wait for the next clerk, or just walk out if I see she's the only one working. I'm not spending my money where I'm not treated in a civil manner. Give me lip, or the cold shoulder, and I won't darken your counter. You never know... they could go broke without Val's scratcher business!


  1. You might not last for long with New Jersey register clerks.

    1. I would have to fortify myself with dirty-water cocktails before the check-out battle!

  2. It seems she does have a problem. Maybe give her one more chance but as you hand her the tickets say right away that you will be using them to buy more. Don't give her a chance to say anything first.

    1. She may not mess with me now that I stood up to her shenanigans. But she might, because we just don't mesh. I'd feel luckier buying my tickets from somebody else!