Wednesday, January 11, 2023

He's a Steak-er, He's a Baker, He's a Giant-Cookie Maker

I hadn't talked to The Pony for a whole week!  So Tuesday evening, I called. Told him to set a timer, that I wouldn't take more than five minutes of his time. I know how precious days off can be.

The Pony said he made some more cookies like he brought for dessert at Christmas dinner. They are chocolate chip/peanut butter. He also added some white chocolate chips to these, along with the regular chocolate chunks.

When my call time expired, The Pony said he'd send me pictures of the cookies. Perhaps just to torment me. They are SO GOOD!

As you can see, The Pony doesn't fool around making little cookies! I suppose it's a time-saver.

They remind me of the giant Casey's cookies, which I presume come frozen like their donuts, and only need to be warmed.

"The cookies look great. But I am intrigued by the neon green fork!"

"Part of the utensils you and Dad gave me! They're good for stirring stuff. No scrapey or scratchy sounds."

"Hope they made up for not having plates for a whole semester!"

The Pony did not reply to my last text...

When Hick and HOS (Hick's Oldest Son) moved The Pony from his dorm into a campus apartment his sophomore year, I sent along a cute set of the plastic silverware that I found in the Dollar Store. It was Hick's job to get The Pony stuff for the apartment during that move-in weekend. Like cleaning supplies and wastebaskets and toilet paper and trash bags and kitchen stuff.

It wasn't until The Pony came home for Christmas that year that he mentioned he only had paper plates. Hick was in the dog house for about a week.


  1. Maybe the Pony will become a baker of cookies and set up shop to cater to everyone's cookie needs. Everyone loves cookies!

    1. If he had done it while recovering from his broken ankle, he could have called his brand "Famous Lame-us."

  2. I have similar forks in pink, blue, yellow and purple, along with matching spoons, they came in a pack from "Cheap as Chips" at half price because someone had stolen the green and orange ones from the pack. I used them to serve Lola's cat food.
    The cookies look DELICIOUS!

    1. What kind of ne'er-do-well steals only the green and orange, instead of taking the whole pack???

      These cookies were my favorite dessert at Christmas dinner. I'm glad The Pony left the leftovers with us! Ours didn't have the white chocolate chips, though. So I might have to taste the different version.

  3. My kids thought everyone used paper plates, and they thought Chinette were china. LOL They did have real silverware though. Nothing matching. Those cookies look wonderful.

    1. The Pony at least had silverware, which I think Hick got at one of the Goodwills. The best thing about the cookies is that you can tell yourself you "only had one." Even though they're equivalent to four or five regular cookies!