Friday, January 27, 2023

Kissing Car-sins

When I left Country Mart on Monday with my groceries, I wheeled my cart/walker behind T-Hoe to load them in his rear. Little did I know that Yodeler was the driver of the car parked in the space on my left. Littler did I know that she was going to leave her cart with the yellow plastic child-car attached up against T-Hoe's bumper! They were not touching, but if they were human, their bumper/lips would have been almost touching!

It's not a big deal for most people to wheel a cart around another cart, or walk around the other side of their car to avoid it. It IS a big deal for me, with my shopping and wait-standing knees aching from my shopping spree. I had to go around the other way, and then move that cart to get by!

I only moved it enough so I could squeeze past, holding onto T-Hoe's hood. Another lazybones had left their regular cart out in the open. I didn't walk mine all the back inside, but I DID park it alongside that metal container that houses propane gas tanks. After all, I had taken it from there to go inside and shop with. So it's not like I brought out an extra cart for them to deal with. I put it back where I got it, off the sidewalk middle so that people could walk by.

Anyhoo... I don't think it would have been a hardship for that husky 10-year-old boy to push the car-cart up against the building when he got out. He wouldn't have thought of it on his own. Yodeler could have told him to do it while she was putting her bow-legged hip-baby in his car seat. But that might have been teaching him responsibility.


  1. She could just be doing things the same way she was raised, so thinks it is okay. I rarely use a store trolley/cart these days, but when I do I always return it to the trolley bay. I get annoyed with people here who use the trolley to wheel their groceries home, then leave the trolley out on the footpath in front of the flats. They don't even take it back the next time they go to the shops!

    1. Heh, heh! That's ONE thing nobody can accuse me of. The thought of me wheeling a cart all the way home makes me giggle.