Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Val Has Been Bamboozled!

Monday evening, after Hick finished day two of his leftover Poor Man's Chicken and Dumplings for supper... I heard a rustling in the living room. I thought he was crinkling up the wrapper from an individual bag of potato chips, which he'd had to tide him over until meal time. So I quit scratching my scratchers, expecting his bad luck to traipse into the kitchen.


"Hey! What's that noise?"

"What noise?"

"That crinkling sound."


"I can hear it! Are you bringing your trash in here now?"

"No. I'm getting some cookies."

"COOKIES? What cookies?"

"Them white cookies."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Where did you get white cookies? There are no cookies in the living room."

"Those cookies I bought at the auction a while back. You didn't like them."

"Those round cookies in a tube package? They're terrible. Even the dogs wouldn't eat them."

"No. These are in a bag."

"You mean Christmas cookies?"

"No. Just plain white cookies."

"That's not helping. You bought some bags of Christmas cookies. I remember that."

"No. These don't have no icing on them. Just plain white cookies."

"YEAH. Christmas cookies!"


"What kind of bag are they in?"

"Well, it shows Christmas stuff on it..."

"EXACTLY! Where were you hiding them?"

"I ain't hidin' 'em! They was on the mantel!"

"I didn't see any cookies on the mantel!"

"They was under my hat."

"So you've been hiding Christmas cookies under your hat on the mantel, and sneaking them. That's why it takes you so long to give an answer when I ask you what you had to eat before I got home."

"No. I'm not hiding them. I can't help it you can't see under my hat."

"Where's all the rest of them? You bought a whole bunch."

"In a box in the basement. There's 7 or 8 bags of them."

"Why are you keeping COOKIES in the basement? We don't even go down there!"

"I moved them down there when we were clearing off the kitchen chairs for Thanksgiving."

Seriously. I think I've been outsmarted by Hick!!! He's found a better hiding place than under a towel on the kitchen counter!


  1. At least he admits to it when he gets caught. I know a guy who chomps, closes his lips and denies he is eating.

    1. Val is a practiced interrogator. Hick knew I would pry his lips open to look in his mouth!

  2. That is sneakily clever and you never would have known if you hadn't heard the crinkling.

    1. I know! He must have been eating them while I was in town, because I never heard the crinkling before. It's not even like I want some cookies. I just don't relish the thought that Hick might feel like he's getting away with something!

  3. Hard to fool Val! Did he really think he could get away with it right there in the same house? Reminds me of someone ....

    1. Hick overestimates his dodgy talents, and my people-reading skills! 28 years in the classroom honed them to a sharp edge.