Friday, November 4, 2022

Val Rebuffs the Green-Eyed Monster

Last Saturday, The Pony sent me a picture while on his mail route. Two pictures.

"Divebombed by a ladybug yesterday, and now they're all over boxes today."


Of course I was jealous. I did not begrudge The Pony his multitude of ladybugs. But of course I wished I could be the recipient of an encounter.

Ladybugs remind me of my mom, who had a drop-ceiling full of them in her family room, and would not call an exterminator. She merely vacuumed them with her Dustbuster and let them go outside. Besides, she explained, they mostly went back up in the ceiling after dark. After she died in February of 2015, I began seeing ladybugs everywhere. The oddest sighting was probably at Parent Conferences that fall, in my classroom, crawling in the nostril of a baby held by one of my students.

Anyhoo... on Wednesday as I walked back to T-Hoe in front of Country Mart, a ladybug swooped down from the sky, right in front of my face, and landed on my chesticle area. I wanted to get a picture (for proof, not to flaunt it to The Pony), but I couldn't juggle my scratchers and the phone camera. These days I don't clutch my scratchers in my teeth as I have done in the past. Even though I had gotten them from the machine, untouched by clerky hands, you never know what might be lurking on them.

A few steps later, my ladybug flew away. Hope her house wasn't on fire, with her children alone! 

It was a nice encounter, and put me in a really good mood. Which improved even more later that evening, when my scratchers revealed total winnings of $164. 

I'm sure The Pony would be happy for me if I sent him a text.

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  1. Ladybugs invaded our home town area back in 1991, and piled up around doors and porches.

  2. So many links! I'm gunna be here all day!

    1. Enjoy the blasts from the past. I get caught up in them myself...

  3. I am happy to say that I remember reading all those posts. I remember your Mom dying. You were a lost little girl for a bit, it came through in your writing. I aways think of you and your Mom when I see a ladybug. I have only seen one this year, but when we moved in here, I disturbed their home!

    1. Only for about 5 years! The Pony is now the ladybug magnet.