Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Pony Is a Lucky Dog

Every day on my scratcher rounds, I buy The Pony a draw ticket for Cash4Life. It's a $2 ticket, with a drawing every night at 8:00. I don't check the ticket until the next morning. Sometimes The Pony wins $2, $3, or $4. A few months ago he won $25. I text The Pony with a win like that, but otherwise I just wait until he has a couple small winners, and buy him a scratcher with it.
Since MOLottery updated their app, it has become difficult and annoying to use. You have to log in every single time, even to scan a ticket. That's gotta be illegal, don't you think? Shouldn't a person be able to scan for a winner without giving all their personal info to the lottery? I'm not complaining for myself, of course. I gladly submitted mine so I can be eligible for second-chance prizes.
Anyhoo... This app is SO undependable. Last night it told me three separate scratchers had been discontinued! I wasn't born yesterday! I know those tickets are nowhere near expiring. So I waited a couple hours and scanned again, which indeed confirmed my wins. But imagine a novice getting that message. They might throw away a winning ticket! The lottery is crooked, I tell you! But that doesn't keep me from playing.

Anyhoo... now I wait until I fire up HIPPIE and use the website to check The Pony's Cash4Life. First I checked the Cash Ball. It was 03, as was the one on The Pony's ticket. That doesn't win anything unless he also matches at least one of the five regular numbers along with it. I glanced at his ticket, memorizing the first three numbers, and looked at the winning numbers. THEY MATCHED! The first three numbers, that is. 

The Pony had three numbers and the Cash Ball, which won him $100. The odds of winning that are 1 in 1,471. Congrats to The Pony! He was pleased to hear the news.

It was also Val's lucky day. HICK PUT IN TWO LIGHT BULBS!

Yeah. It's not like he fixed the kitchen door, or got a new toilet seat, or put a hand rail on the 13 basement stairs. But he DID replace the two burned-out bulbs of the trio of bulbs in my overhead kitchen light. Maybe he wants to see what I'm serving him, heh, heh.

Still. A win is a win. Baby steps...


  1. You really need that basement stair railing. I'll bet if you told Hick you were hiring someone to do it, he would have the job finished the next day.

    1. I agree that the stair railing is a top priority. Maybe now that HICK needs a railing when he walks downstairs, he will get to work on it. The HIRING SOMEONE threat didn't work at all with my toilet seat!

      If only I could figure out what spurred the lightbulb changes. I wasn't even home. Maybe Hick was looking for a snack, and couldn't see well enough.

  2. Baby steps indeed!
    We have a similar lottery called Set4life and that gets paid out monthly for a number of months, but certainly not for the rest of your life, there's a limit to the total amount. i don't remember how much. Anyway, on any other lottery, if you win you get the amount all at once, it's counted as a windfall and that's the end of it. But on this monthly payout, a pensioner here won about $60,000 and immediately had his pension discontinued. He's fighting that decision, because once the $60,000 runs out, he has to re-apply for his pension and that process can take as long as three or four months! He wants the lottery to pay him the money in a lump sum, so he can keep his pension and share his win with his family. I'll never buy a set4life ticket that's for sure!

    1. I can see how that would be a problem. It's been a long time since I read the official rules of Cash4Life. I'm thinking that 20 years is considered "life" on some drawings.

      If The Pony had four numbers instead of three, along with that Cash Ball, he would have won $2,500. And if he had all five numbers with the Cash Ball, it would have been the grand prize of $1000 a day for "life." The second prize, by having all five numbers but not the Cash Ball, is $1000 a week for "life."