Saturday, November 5, 2022

A Good Week For PENNY-Picking

It's been a very good week for Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune, with steady opportunities for coin harvesting.
SATURDAY, October 29, found me at the School-Turn Casey's. I don't normally go there on Saturdays, but I left the parking lot of Orb K in a fit of pique because there were no parking spaces. I did not feel like pulling off to the end of the lot and waiting, so I took my business elsewhere. Save A Lot was my first alternative, but their lot was also full.

I was meant to be at the School-Turn Casey's that day:

On my way out, I found a penny in my path. I was getting my phone ready to capture the evidence when some trash blew out of the trash can! Thankfully, it did not obscure my penny. [That's T-Hoe in the background, NOT in the foreground by the ice machine, parked over the line!]

It was a face-down 1978 penny. Kind of dull on this overcast day.
MONDAY, October 31, I popped into the Backroads Casey's for scratchers. My favorite old lady checker was at the left register this day. I was standing by the right register, perusing the wares.
"Oh, I'm on this side today."
"Okay. I've gotta see the numbers first, because I can't see them over there."
Not only due to my nearsightedness, but due to racks of crap on the counter in front of where they moved their scratcher display. While she was fetching my three choices, I looked down at my feet and saw
No, not that screaming cookie on Halloween! The penny on the floor below the rack!

It was a face-down 1995 penny, looking so rough that it might possibly have dragged itself across the asphalt parking lot and into the store, getting run over once or twice on the way!

Casey's came through for me again on TUESDAY, November 1. This time it was the Sis-Town location. I was there before errand day, depositing a check that I was required to take, or get a tax penalty. Of course a trip to Sis-Town without buying scratchers is not possible! I only got a photo after the fact:

There's my sweet, sweet copper, posed on the newest scratcher, a $5 crossword that came out last week. Sadly, this one did not win! But the day before, I had a $20 winner on it.

I could not take a photo of this face-down 1988 penny in its natural habitat, because customers were crowding my rumpus. I wanted no delay when I got to start my transaction. The dude ahead of me had stepped to the unused register, and was talking on his phone, while the gal tried to finish up. He'd been asking for two little bottles of whiskey, but not the regular or honey flavor. I don't recall what the cashier said they had, but he ended up getting two Fireball whiskeys. Had he just put the phone down, or handed it to his wife, we would not have had such a backlog of customers waiting.

THURSDAY, November 3, proved profitable for my Future Pennyillionaire Fortune. I came out of the School-Turn Casey's and was almost blinded by a treasure that I had walked over on the way in. What a difference the sun's angle makes.

Good thing nobody decided to park there while I was inside.

It was a face-down 1996 penny, shining like it was on the surface of Mars.

My luck was still activated at my next stop, when I turned from the counter of the Sis-Town Casey's, and saw a QUARTER! I would have loved to get a picture of it to prove it happened, but the local high school, the bestower of my VALEDICTORIANSHIP, had just let out, and I had a line waiting behind me. CLOSE behind me. I could hardly ample-rumpus my way to pick up that quarter. They are definitely close-rumpusers in the Sis-Town Casey's.

My 1967 quarter was heads-up on the floor, and thusly I posed it in T-Hoe, on what turned out to be a losing $10 scratcher. At least I was only out $9.75, heh, heh!

That's 5 COINS this week, for 29 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny          # 101, 102, 103, 104.
Dime            still at 20.
Nickel          still at 6.
Quarter       # 7.

Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter         6


  1. I'm sorry your scratchers were losers, but the coin harvest almost makes up for that.

    1. You lose some, you win some. Like the scratcher I got Friday...