Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Hick's on First, Attempting a Double Play with I-Don't-Know, While Val Sits in the Owner's Box, Filling Out Her Scorecard

Hick is the master of confusion. He went by our insurance agency the day after closing on our new flip property, the Double Hovel. Our agency does not handle properties that are under renovation, and not occupied. They farm it out to a different company. We did this with Pony House, and got a refund once The Pony moved in, and obtained regular insurance.

I had given Hick a check, and he came home with a draft of the policy. The secretary had written across the top the amount Hick paid, and the check number, and date of payment. Upon perusing this draft, I grew concerned. THERE WERE NO DATES OF COVERAGE! Seriously. The only date was that handwritten date of the payment. 

Hick did not seem concerned. He said the secretary had advised him to pay quarterly on this policy. And not to send a check if the other company sent us a bill. This was highly questionable in my mind. What did she mean, not to pay a bill? Hick said he paid 1/4 of the policy. So in my mind, we'd be owing the rest, and should surely pay if a bill came. 

Anyhoo... since then, Hick says he's been getting emails from that other company, saying that they need him to sign electronically. That they have requested it several times, and can't go forward with the policy without his signature. First of all, he usually has MY email on these things. But I have seen nothing about this insurance policy. Hick said he gave HIS email this time.

Anyhoo... Hick was going to town Tuesday, and said he'd stop by and ask the secretary if this email is legitimate, and whether he should sign it. I told him to take our DRAFT policy, and get an answer from her while he was there. Namely, the DATES of our coverage, and what portion of the policy he had paid. Our draft had a total that was double the amount he paid. So to me, it looked like he had paid 1/2, not 1/4 of the policy.

Hick was gone to the auction when I got home, but had left a copy of the old draft, attached to the back of the policy he had picked up at the insurance office. It DID have the dates of coverage. October 21, 2022 to April 21, 2023. That's 6 months. It had the same total as before, which meant to me that Hick had paid half of it. 

This made sense to me. We have a 6-month policy, and 3 months of it are paid. Yet when Hick got home and I brought up the subject, he continued to swear that we had paid 1/4 of the policy.

No matter how many ways I tried to explain the facts to him, Hick continued to bluster that we have a yearly policy, and have paid 1/4 of it! He can only see things one way. HIS WAY! 

Hick kept getting louder, saying that we can renew the policy if he's still working on the houses after April 21st. Yes. I agree. We CAN. But the paperwork clearly shows that right now, we have a 6-month policy. I made him count out the months. Yet STILL he swore that we had a year-long policy, and had paid 1/4. 

I gave up trying to lead Hick to understanding when he threw up his hands and went to bed. Thus soundly punishing me for putting the facts under his nose. 

Can you sense how much I'm suffering?


  1. I feel your pain in spades! How old is Hick? He is either stubborn or proud or confused. My husband has been sick with Covid, and now has to have surgery for prostate. He is not himself.

    1. Hick is old enough to know better! Mid-60s. He gets a scenario in his head, and nobody can change it.

      Sorry about your husband's current health. Hope he is soon on the road to recovery. Hick is having leg/back issues, but is still completely himself!

  2. Yes. Yes I can. Poor you. Your frustration is almost bursting through my screen here.

    1. Heh, heh! I am sure you are referring to my palpable pain of being put on IGNORE by Hick.

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    1. Thank you for shouldering my burden. You have had practice with Hick's doppelganger.