Friday, November 11, 2022

Val Is Beaten to the Punch by a Roving Do-Gooder

As I stepped into the Gas Station Chicken Store on Thursday afternoon, a woman was coming out. A 30-something man stood at the counter.
"What was she trying to do, get some gas and couldn't afford it?"
"How much IS a gallon of gas?"
"You know, I could pay for that."
"Is she still out there? She might be gone."
The Man went to the door and opened it. Peered around the pumps. 
"Looks like she's gone. I wouldn't have minded to do that."
Indeed. I would have paid for a gallon of gas for her. You know, as long as she didn't CUT LINE to ask for it, heh, heh! I've never seen this guy in there before. He was just buying a soda, and was going to use his card.
"There's a $3.00 minimum to use your card."
"Oh. Uh. Give me a couple of these lottery tickets. A number 2 and a number 3. I can buy them with a card, right?"
"Yes, as long as it's a debit card, not a credit card."
So The Man paid by tapping his card, and started out. Leaving his two $1 scratchers on the counter.
"Wait. Sir? You're forgetting your tickets!"
"Oh. Thanks."
He must have been passing though the area. As far as I know, I'm the only one who pays for other people's stuff at the Gas Station Chicken Store. The Man must not have had a lot of money in his account, since he asked the price of a gallon of gas before offering to buy it. That makes him a better Do-Gooder than Val.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah. The weirdo twirling his hose at the air pump, TAP TAP TAPPING on my window, was a couple days earlier. Maybe The Universe has a weekly quota for weirdos at the Gas Station Chicken Store.

  2. I hope he won something on his tickets.

    1. I do too! I can't win on the dollar tickets, but the clerk at Casey's told me she won $100 on one last week. She can't buy from her own store. Got it at a neighboring town.

  3. I hope he won something too, whattaniceguy!

    1. I am confident that Even Steven will eventually find him.

  4. He stole your karma! Might cost you in winning scratchers.

    1. He might find pennies meant for ME! I've been having a pretty good scratchers run. This guy can use my luck for a while.