Saturday, November 19, 2022

How Do You Drive a Future PENNYillionaire Crazy?

Good news and bad this week, for Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune. Let's start with the good, and end with the bad.
SATURDAY, November 12, I was over in Sis-Town to mail our county taxes at the main post office. Of course I took the opportunity to go in Casey's for scratchers. It did not prove profitable for scratchers, but for coins, it was the right move.

That's as close as I could get. It's a NICKEL! Heads-up, a 1992 version. The PENNY is from 2011, and face down. Can't complain, getting two-for-one, ample-rumpusing to pick them up.

SUNDAY, November 13, I got lucky at the Liquor Store. When I opened T-Hoe's door, I saw a penny waiting for me:

It was a little hard to see in the afternoon sun, and with parking lot trash distracting me.

So gunked up I couldn't tell if it was heads or tails, but a bit of scrubbing at home revealed it to be from 2013. Not all that old! A real PigPen of a penny!

But wait! As I came out the Liquor Store door, I spied TWO more pennies!

Of course I stopped for photographic evidence of the happening.

I picked up that heads-up beauty first. A 1972. Then I reached for the other one, in that shallow puddle of snow-melt. WHAT IN THE NOT-HEAVEN??? That second penny was baked into the blacktop! I couldn't pry it out! What a cruel trick to play on Val! Enough to drive her crazy! I hope no one was watching me! And I can't believe I haven't been tempted by this bait before. I'm in there at least twice a week.

That's 4 COINS this week, for 8 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny          # 107, 108, 109.
Dime            still at 20.
Nickel          # 7.
Quarter       still at 7.

Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter         6


  1. Looks like a dime instead of a penny. You lucky duck!

    1. That's a wishful mirage, thanks to the sun's angle. Which would have been even more disappointing!

  2. If it was baked into the blacktop it should have been visible before now, unless that blacktop is fresh and someone dropped a penny as they were pouring it. Too bad you couldn't pry it loose, it will taunt you now each time you see it. Or you could take along an ice-pick and nudge it a little.

    1. Yes, and it should still be visible NOW. But when I looked for it while leaving the Liquor Store today, it was not there! Or else the sun wasn't right, and I didn't look in the exact place.

      I tried for at least 30 seconds to pry it loose, or else I might think it was just frozen underneath that day, and somebody has since taken it.

      Val armed with an ice pick is something society is not ready for!