Thursday, November 24, 2022

Chillin' With The Pony

Now that the weather finally realizes that we are moving towards official WINTER, The Pony has a complaint. Not so much a real complaint. But The Pony's version of a complaint. He was supposed to come out Tuesday at 9:00 to join us in a trip to the casino. I sent him a text to make sure he took his ID, because THIS casino checks his every time. Also, I wanted to make sure he was up and getting ready.

"Yeah. Gonna shower when I can stomach getting out of my blankets."

On the drive, I brought up this topic.

"Is your house cold?"

"Yeah. The bedroom. And the closet in the bathroom. And there's a place by the corner kitchen cabinet where I feel a draft. Also, my furnace makes a noise. I only notice it when I'm home."

"Go fix Pony's house! He's paying for it! His house shouldn't be cold. That furnace is new."

"What do you have it set on, Pony?"

"72. I want to get an actual thermometer, and see how far off the temp is from the thermostat."

"It said to put the thermostat on an interior wall. That's why it's in your hall by the laundry room. I wish I had put it in the living room."

"The living room is kind of cold, too."

"I put the new weather stripping on your front door."

"Now it sticks."

"Well, that's what weather stripping does. Closes up the gap. Maybe your furnace filter is dirty. That could make the noise you're talking about."

[Seriously? Hick has not changed our furnace filter in YEARS! I'm sure it's due. He had taken to writing the date on the furnace every time he changed it, because I accused him of taking too long. I'm pretty sure that last date is probably from before Genius went off to college in 2013. Of course Hick will never tell, and I'm not going down to look for myself. ALSO, I'd like to know how The Pony's furnace filter got so dirty, with the furnace being NEW, and installed this summer...]

Anyhoo... The Pony said he picked up a furnace filter at the grocery store across from the post office after work on Wednesday. We'll see if that helps raise his temperature.


  1. I hope that house gets warmed up before the real cold hits, with all the ice and snow and blizzards and so on. or maybe you don't get blizzards?

    1. We get the occasional blizzard. I think our heaviest snowfalls are in February or late January. So The Pony needs to harp at Hick to get this situation solved.

  2. Poor pony needs an electric blanky.. and a lovey while your at it.
    Hope the remedy is forthcoming and Hick responds in a timely manner.

    1. Poor Pony needs some heavy curtains on the two windows he sleeps between! His bed has a window at the head, and on the side. He only has mini-blinds. Hick said curtains would do a lot to cut down on the cold feeling, even though he replaced the original windows with modern windows.

      Hick also had a little electric fireplace, given to him for FREE by Back Creek Neighbor Bev, which he has offered The Pony. It has a remote control. I could see Pony using it at night while he's watching TV and gaming, and then turn it on in the morning about a half hour before he gets out of bed. That would take the chill off his bedroom, which is on the northwest side of the house.

      Hick DOES need to inspect The Pony's house for drafts, and respond accordingly!

  3. Walmart had a good price on room darkening curtains with the eyelets at the top. I just bought one for the sliding door in the living room and it cuts that draft off. I think I paid about $13 for the two panel set. It matches all the curtains I bought last year in an off white color. They come in other colors, too. I just put the electric mattress pad on our bed. I never turn y side on, but HeWho loves it. Christmas presents?

    1. I need to ask The Pony if he thought about the curtains. I think he might like a fluffy comforter rather than anything electric like a pad or blanket. He usually runs hot. Walks around barefoot on his wood floors. Maybe he needs slippers for his morning routine!