Saturday, November 12, 2022

Val Puts In Her Two CENTS

Not a great harvest this week, but not a shutout!
SATURDAY, November 5, I had to park over by the moat at the Gas Station Chicken Store. A truck was parked in the handicap spot that is so convenient for me. Nobody handicapped was in it that I could tell. But it had a camper hooked to the back, that was sitting in the space by the air pump. Perhaps they were getting air and then went inside.
That's my view across the moat, past Hick's pharmacy, looking at the side of the Backroads Casey's in the distance. Hope you're not squinting to see the coin! I took a picture of it, but my phone did not recognize that I was alive, and did not snap it when my thumb pressed the button. A car was waiting to cross, so I just took my closeup and picked it up.

Anyhoo... had I been in my preferred parking space, I would have missed this treat when I returned:

It was a very skinned-up 1978 Abe Lincoln, showing his face in the late-afternoon sun.
SUNDAY, November 6, I was shocked to find the floor of Orb K almost CLEAN! Clean enough to spy a coin on the floor, anyway.
With nobody behind me, I ample-rumpused to my heart's content. Got both pics.

It was a heads-up 1983 penny, transferred quickly from floor to pocket!

That's 2 COINS this week, for 2 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny          # 105, 106.
Dime            still at 20.
Nickel          still at 6.
Quarter       still at 7.

Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter         6


  1. It doesn't help your tally at all, but I found a beat-up five cent piece this week, down near the row of garages where I have one with some stuff stashed in it. I tossed it from hand to hand a few times then made a wish and tossed it sideways for someone else to find.

    1. So nice of you to share the luck. If you start a weight-lifting regimen, do you suppose that next time, you could toss it far enough for ME to find???

  2. I don't know it would do you much good, our dollar isn't worth much against yours so Aus Five cents would maybe be equal to one of your pennies.