Sunday, November 13, 2022

We're Not Ready!

Hey, it's not Thanksgiving yet, and Backroads had its first snow! That's unusual here. Sometimes we're begging for snow to have a white Christmas, but we don't get our first accumulation until mid-January. I had no idea snow was coming. Just heard a random comment Friday afternoon from a smoking worker sunning herself at break time on a bench at Country Mart that "We might even see some snow next week!" 

I glanced at a story on the news Facebook page. Saw a little map with shading that showed Backroads was a region that might see some snow. No mention of accumulation.

Welp! Hick went out Saturday morning at 6:40, and found THIS:

"Looks like we got about 4 inches."

"WHAT? Do you need to sweep off the steps for me? Can I get to town?"

"It won't last. It'll be gone by the time you go to town. It was 80 degrees Thursday. The ground is warm."

Huh. Somebody forgot to tell the ground how warm it was, because all that snow was still there at 2:30. At least the steps were clear, and the roads and parking lots. It was 28 degrees. 30 in town.

I sent The Pony a text at 6:41. I knew he had to get up for work.

"Have you looked outside?"
"Not yet. Snow, I assume?"
"We have 4 inches. Dad says it will melt by the time I go to town."
"Probably in the sun. It's only supposed to be 37 today. Haven't left my blanket cocoon yet."
At 6:55, The Pony sent me a picture from his bathroom window:
"Doesn't look like 4. But definitely an inch or two. Could be because I'm looking out my back window. Might be less just from being that close to the house."

"I guess you can get out. Dad says it looks fluffy."

"Not sure if I have a scraper, but I'll just walk out early to defrost, then do the jug of cold water if I have to. Or if somehow I can't back up the hill, just text the manager and walk."

"Sweep it."

"Oh yeah. My broom's soft and fine for that. I remember when kid me had the idea to use the stiff push broom in the garage and you two were horrified!"

"Be careful today. Are you walking or driving on your route?"

"Half and half. Early part driving. Later walking."

By 7:38, The Pony was heading to work:

"Defrost in progress. Maybe it was close to 4 inches."

As far as I know, The Pony didn't have any work difficulties. That he mentioned. Though he DID work until 5:30, when he usually gets off at 4:00 now. I didn't have any trouble in town, since I wasn't walking through random yards.


  1. "We're Not Ready", is anybody? ever?
    It looks so pretty, but I'm glad we don't get any. I couldn't possibly live through that level of cold. Bad enough we're having a colder and much wetter spring than usual. Thunder and lightning storms too. I love a good storm, but not when it lasts a week and thunderclaps go off right above my head.

    1. The snow WAS really pretty, but didn't look quite right. There were still green bushes that normally should be dead by snowfall time. And still some colored leaves on the trees.

      I love a good thunderstorm, but not the threat of my electricity going off, or limbs falling across the road.

    2. We got that, not me personally, but areas did have power outages, some are still without power, shops and cafes had to dump all their food and take a loss, trees were down all over, a railway culvert in the next state over collapsed and the train got derailed, a freight train, so no passengers to get hurt, thank goodness.

    3. A train de-railed!!! That's hard core! We don't have that, unless it's a tornado.