Monday, June 6, 2022

The Nerve of People Being Nice

How DARE they! What is up with people bending over backward, twisting themselves into a pretzel, to pat themselves in the back for their NICENESS?
Okay. Maybe a few of them have the purest of intentions. Like myself, heh, heh, when I give a dollar to a 10:30 a.m. alcoholic without enough money for the smallest bottle of whiskey at the Gas Station Chicken Store, or a gal who was a few cents short for the cheapest vape at the Liquor Store. 
My problem yesterday was with a motorist who stopped dead in the drive lane of Save A Lot, to motion me across the road.
Here's the thing. I stepped out of T-Hoe, and was waiting for my knees to get their circulation going to minimize the stiffness from riding to town. Leaning against the side of T-Hoe, as I always do, until I felt safe to take some steps. BUT NO! Some Do-Goody-Four-Wheels had to hold up traffic until he caught my eye, and motion me across!
I was perfectly content to wait until the coast was clear, disrupting nobody's time. It was a sunny 83 degrees. It's not like rain was sluicing down, or an Alberta Clipper dropping the temperature like in that movie The Day After Tomorrow
Thanks to Do-Goody-Four-Wheels, I felt like I MUST cross the road right then. Hurriedly for me, because at my regular pace, I could imagine all the backed-up autos having their windows implode from the excessive intake of drivers' breath in order to sigh heavily. When I rush, I am not sure-footed. I fear that I may stub a toe and fall.
I do not like to be coerced into action to inflate someone else's sense of righteousness.
Yeah. I'm sure that driver was just being nice. He was probably a Boy Scout who helped old ladies across the road, whether they wanted to go or not.


  1. Do you use a walking stick (cane) to help with your balance? I think maybe you should since you seem to be more unsteady than I'd imagined.

    1. I take it to the casino, since that is more walking than I'm used to. I go grocery shopping without it, since I can lean on a cart once I get inside, or if one is outside I'll push it in. It's not a problem going in to buy scratchers, or in the post office, as long as I have part of T-Hoe to hold onto if I have to step up or down on a curb.

  2. I have been using a cane for the past week. Sleep deprivation makes me want to use the cane as a weapon. I know what you mean .... don't help me if I don't request it!!

    1. Even though I pointedly avoid making eye contact, looking at my phone, adjusting keys in my purse... they STILL insist on stopping traffic behind them to wait on me to cross! How DARE they be nice when I don't want niceness!