Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hick Has Got THIS Covered, Too. Althought Not Efficiently.

We picked up Domino's pizza on Sunday. The Pony tipped us off to a half-price special that was ending. We won't get it otherwise. Not worth the price.
Anyhoo... we had pizza left over. I warmed it in the oven Monday evening. Hick ate in his recliner in the living room. I was sitting at the kitchen table. Not because I'm a refined lady, but because that's where my laptop HIPPIE is set up. Hick came back to the kitchen too soon, with his plate.
"Didn't you eat it all?"
"No. I'm full. I've got two pieces left."
"Are you saving it?"
Hick rummaged around behind the wastebasket, in that little alcove under the kitchen counter that was made for a dishwasher. He got the pizza box he had stashed back there until time to take out the trash.
"You're using that big box to put 2 slices of pizza in the fridge?"
"You COULD put it in foil, you know. Not the GOOD foil, the non-stick kind. The cheaper foil."
Hick got out the good foil. Hmpf-ed. Put it back. Got out the cheaper foil. And pulled out a giant section and tore it off. About 18 inches worth.
"Seriously? Why would you need THAT MUCH foil for 2 slices of pizza?"
"It's not too much."
Hick laid the foil on the cutting block. Then put the 2 slices on it side by side.
"Or you COULD put one on top of the other, which would use a lot less foil."
"Okay. I can do that."
Hick stacked one slice on top of the other. Not lining up the shapes. But with the crust of one opposite the crust of the other. Thus making a lumpy rectangle, rather than a simple triangle.

I don't know how the builder of Shackytown Boulevard can be so oblivious. I would have suggested one of our Chinese Tupperware containers, but I was afraid he might fold the pizza if it didn't fit.


  1. Replies
    1. I KNOW! And we have the same dog, and share a name! Plus, I have another half-dog like yours. So many coincidences...

  2. In Hicks defense, It's aluminum foil, it is not gold...let it go.

    Mrs. C asks me all the time, "Why did you do it that way?" and the answer is "I don't know and why do you care? It's not like I took out a storage unit 6 years ago at God only knows how much each month to store CRAP!! and you are worried about foil waste?"

    Sorry for the rant, I do feel better now.

    1. It's not about the foil. I will let that foil go after I've re-used it a couple times! It's good for lining a pizza pan to toast hoagie rolls in the oven for hot sandwiches, or to crisp up leftover bacon without getting a pan greasy.

      I'm happy to provide you with an outlet to rant about foil usage. Just one more service Val offers! I might branch out into the use of Solo cups to save undrunk water.

      I apparently did not successfully convey my point, which was not about foil at all, but about Hick being able to correct mistakes made by assorted professional tradesmen, but not able to wrap up a leftover in a logical manner.

  3. I have saved two slices of pizza together, but I put them filling sides together, so they're like a pizza sandwich, then wrap in foil, so the next day I just put the foil package in the oven and have a hot pizza sandwich for lunch, eaten from the foil-as-plate.

    1. If only I could afford the travel fees to bring you here to tutor Hick in person!