Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A New Menu at the Casino

Last Tuesday, Hick had business down in Casino Town. He let me know the night before, in case I wanted to ride along. Of course I did! He dropped me off, and then came back after meeting with his pawn shop lady. 
We headed to the grill and partook of the new menu. Let the record show that their prices have gone up, and their portions have been reduced! I used to get the pound of catfish nuggets, which are now 3/4 of a pound. That alone would not have kept me from ordering. I just wanted to try a new item: the Smokehouse Burger.

It's a 6 oz burger, 4 oz brisket, BBQ sauce, 2 onion rings, on a toasted wheat bun. I left off the jalapenos. I made it a combo, with a drink and tater tots. They only gave about half the amount of tater tots I used to get with a combo. They were kind of overcooked, or fried in old oil. I was disappointed. I love my crispy tater tots.

That's a closeup. I must say, that brisket burger was delicious! I took the onion rings off to eat separately, because they were so fat. They were tasty, except for one bite...

A long piece of ONION SKIN pulled out of the breading! I don't mind using the onion all the way to the outer ring, but I draw the line at eating the SKIN! I also draw the line at eating tater tots fried in old oil.

Yes. I didn't finish my tots. I didn't mean to waste the ketchup. It would have come out right if I ate all the tots. Don't worry about Val accidentally losing a pound! I still ate all the brisket burger!

Hick had the new Shrimp Po' Boy and fries. And a Cookies and Cream Pie, but you've seen that before. It's off to the side.

Sorry. Were you distracted by Hick's shirt? Before we left, I asked if he was sure he wanted to wear it. Yep. He said it's some kind of NASCAR shirt he got while visiting his brother in Las Vegas. I told him it reminds me of the eyeball monster shirt that Beaver Cleaver wore to school and got in trouble.

Hick enjoyed his Shrimp Po' Boy, but not so much all the lettuce and bread. I think that lettuce looks like the fake parsley that separates cuts of meat in the grocery store cooler. Hick gave me his leftover fries, and the tomato slice he didn't want.

I tried the tomato, but it was tasteless. I tried one of the fries, but Hick had ruined them with pepper! Anyhoo... we both enjoyed our sandwiches, and agreed that we would have them again.


  1. Yes, I was distracted by Hicks Tee shirt. It's so colourful! I love it. Your food looks delicious except for those tots, I can see all the way from Australia they aren't cooked in fresh hot oil. I don't see anything wrong with that lettuce either, it looks just like the lettuce I prefer, all green and choc-full of vitamins.

    1. Hick's shirt seemed more like something to wear to an amusement park, or a county fair. Not that I expected us to wear a tux and evening gown to the casino, heh, heh. It just seemed kind of BUSY, when I prefer a solid color, or maybe a thin stripe.

      There was nothing wrong with the lettuce. Hick prefers the MEAT of the sandwich to bread and vegetables. I like a crunchy lettuce, not this floppy kind. I'll give them another chance on the tots, but if this trend continues, I'll have to switch to fries.