Wednesday, June 8, 2022

She Shows Sad Sheds by the Creek Shore

No good deed goes unvandalized. 

Remember back in 2018, when HOS (Hick's Oldest Son) was living out here, and built a bus-waiting shack for some kids who lived about 1.5 miles up the gravel road from the bus stop? Used his own materials and paint. Nothing fancy. But a place for those kids to sit in and wait for the bus, out of the wind and rain and snow. Their parents left for work before they even started the walk to the bus stop.
That family has since moved. The kids here now are either driving age, or little tykes whose parents sit in the car and wait with them. So nobody has use for the Bus Shack. Then somebody shot out the end window, and Hick boarded it up.
Hick also put on a door, with a padlock, but then somebody bashed that off and left the door hanging.
Of course ne'er-do-wells have to find someplace to never do well. Over the past few months, somebody has broken off the door of the Bus Shack. And pretty much kicked the Not-Heaven out of it, one wall at a time. 

Sunday, I found THIS:

Hick had said, after the destruction escalated, that when he has his tractor back home, he was going to pick up that Bus Shack and bring it up to our place and do something with it. But mainly just get it off the side of the road, where it was a plaything for somebody's idle feet. Unfortunately, Hick is still using his tractor over at Pony House, to smooth gravel and move wood.

By now, Hick's best option might be to shove the Bus Shack out into the creek, set it on fire, and let it burn down to the water line. The creek is only a few inches deep. Then when the next big rain comes, it will wash the remains on down the creek, and out into the river. Way bigger tree trunks than those little planks have gone over the other low-water bridge.

I have my suspicions about who is doing this damage. I don't think it's somebody who's driving out from town on a regular basis for this destruction. I suspect it's somebody who lives up here, and has done a couple devious things in the past. Which is probably why the squeaky wheels out here who complain about the roads have not uttered one word about his eyesore down by the creek.

Sometimes NOT saying something says a lot.


  1. I think Hick should take a half-afternoon off from The Pony's place and bring that sad shack home for some TLC. Much of the wood looks like it could be used for anything else, so burning it would be a waste.

    1. It's a major production to move a tractor. Not like driving a Ford Escort down the block. It's a 20-mile round trip. Hick has to hitch up his long trailer to SilverRedO and drive it to town. Park it where he can get the tractor driven up on it. Chain the tractor down so it doesn't fall off the trailer. Then drive it home on twisty 2-lane blacktop, while avoiding catching a trailer tire off the shoulderless road, or running off oncoming traffic. We KNOW he has a sweaving problem!

      As for the wood, the 4x4s on the bottom might be usable, and the two half-sheets of plywood on the front. The other walls have been kicked in. The sheets of plywood on the bottom are iffy. They look rotted.

  2. It makes me sad to see needless destruction. I don't like to watch them just knock down walls and cabinets on home improvement shows.

    1. I KNOW! Those materials could easily be re-purposed! Not in the Taj Mahal, but for a budget renovation.