Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hick Daddy To the Rescue

The Pony can't outrun Even Steven. His Rogue's air conditioner has been broken for a week. But then he hit that casino jackpot for $2,392.51. He got two days off in a row. Then Even Steven came calling again. Saturday, The Pony didn't get off work until 8:30.

"Just clocked out. Not feeling great."

I missed the text, until 45 minutes later. My darn cracked phone didn't make a noise. I really need to see if the phone I want is in stock now. Anyhoo... I sent a return text at 9:17.

"Feeling better now?"

"Ehh. Headache and I don't have anything for it."

"Do you want me to get you some ibuprofen? We have that giant bottle that you put over the microwave when you and Dad installed the new one. I can send Dad over with them in the morning, before he opens his Storage Unit Store."

"If he was coming by, that would be good. I'll be at work by 8:00 though."

"He can bring some now! He just volunteered when I asked about tomorrow. I'll put some of the acetaminophen from the other giant bottle in with them."
"Nah. I'll be fine until morning I think. Making some pasta, then I'm gonna sleep."
"He will bring it now."
"No! He doesn't have to! I don't want to make him drive out this late!"
"He wants to!"
"He doesn't need to!"
"He's getting ready."
"OK. Tell him I'll have the front porch light on and door unlocked for him."
"Write the date on the bottle. It's an old one. And Dad is not wearing a shirt. Don't be afraid!" 

"OK. I just feel bad for making him come out."

"I wish I'd seen your text earlier. My phone was sitting right by me. No notification."

So off Hick went, wearing only cargo shorts and his camouflage Crocs. To deliver over-the-counter meds to The Pony, who gets migraines if he doesn't jump on a headache right away. At 9:57, The Pony said:

"He got it to me."

"Hope it makes you feel better. He's a good dad."

"He is. I still feel bad that he drove out here this late though."

"As long as you thanked him, he'll be fine."

"I did. I'm pretty sure, and I gave him a hug."

When Hick returned, he went straight to bed, to get his beauty sleep before opening his Storage Unit Store the next morning. He's usually in bed by 9:00. But not when The Pony needs him.


  1. It was nice of his dad to go out so late. Maybe he needs his own bottle of pain relief.

    1. The Pony had both kinds, but ran out. I guess he forgot to buy them in Walmart that day work sent him home because they had no vehicle for him, then called him back in while he was mid-shop. He had to check out and leave, dropping off his stuff on his way to the office.

  2. He is a good Dad and I hope The Pony's headache was relieved before it became a migraine. I've been in that territory before myself and it isn't fun. Possibly a delayed reaction to the smoky casino?

    1. I assume it was relieved, because he didn't mention any more about it. The Pony said this headache was because he ran out of water. He took three jugs, but had to work late until 8:30. Now he says next time, he'll fill one up at the office as they call him back to send him out with more mail.

  3. Needs to stay hydrated for sure. I get an aura before a headache. Mine looks like squiggly lines in my periferal vision that keeps growing until I can no longer see. I was in a fancy restaurant with HeWho and some potential clients once when I got my first sign, we were at the bar waiting for our table. I was nursing a glass of white wine, but found no potential relief in my purse. I asked the bartender if they had anything behind the counter. She gave me some of her own ibuprofen and made a very stong and very sweet espesso and told me to drink it as fast as I could. The combination of pain reliever, caffienne and sugar did the trick. Maybe the Pony should keep some dark chocolate on hand, as well as pain meds. I made it through the dinner and felt fine. The particular restaurant was one I had been a secret shopper for and the portions were quite generous. The couple ordered platters with two entrees and ate every bite! they each had several drinks at the bar and ordered large glasses of MILK with their dinner, they had them refilled twice and then each had a dessert that was so rich! It was fascinating watching these people eat. I have no idea how they managed to stuff all that food down their gullets and drink all that milk on top of the alcohol and appetisers! Of course, we were paying, but they could have asked for a to go box! The bill was over $300! For four people in the early 90's.

    1. At least you have a warning symptom. The Pony only knows when the headache is already starting. He alternates ibuprofen and acetaminophen, although Genius says you can take both at the same time, since one is processed by the kidneys, and the other by the liver.

      Yes, The Pony should keep some kind of caffeine on hand. He's sure to have some sugar!

      Those people must have had hollow legs! The milk alone should have filled them up. I've seen high school boys trying to drink a gallon of milk after school, and they couldn't do it. I can't imagine adults putting away this much food and drink.