Thursday, June 23, 2022

FedEx Shenanigans in Outer Backroadsia

On my way home Tuesday, I met a FedEx truck coming down the hill as I was ascending the peak approaching Mailbox Row. I moved over to make sure it had room. There's a big drop-off on that side, even worse than the area on my side where Hick parked SilverRedO in the snow on the day of my release from my Unfortunate HospitVALzation.

In my mirror, I saw that FedEx truck put on the brakes. Stop. The backup lights came on. What in the Not-Heaven? There's only one driveway in that area. Surely he couldn't have passed the ONLY driveway while listening to his directions. I didn't see that truck actually pull into a driveway. It was just backing up in the road before I lost sight of it.

Wednesday, again on the way home, I was crossing the long bridge just before my turn onto the county blacktop road, when I saw TWO FedEx trucks coming towards me. They put on their signals, and went down that very blacktop road.

Why would we need TWO big boxy Fed Ex trucks, at the same time, delivering on our blacktop road? Was somebody mail-ordering a house? They were moving at a fast clip, and lost me on the curves. Until they didn't. 

I came up over one of the roller-coastery hills, and saw both those FedEx trucks parked. In my lane. Flashers on. It's not like I could go around them, because in the oncoming lane was ANOTHER FedEx truck, parked, flashers on. AND the driver was not even in it! The driver, a slip of a red-headed girl, was standing in the "yard" of a house on that side, talking to several folks sitting on a couch on the porch. 

The two FedEx trucks ahead of me started moving. I guess the lead one could see over that hilltop, and the second FedEx truck followed. I, however, could see nothing but the crest of the hill. Such a decision. Sit there in T-Hoe indefinitely until the chatty redhead moved the parked FedEx truck. Or creep over the hill, hoping nobody on the other side was tired of waiting, and had steered their vehicle into MY lane to go around.

I chose to creep over. Slowly. Ready to ditch T-Hoe if need be. By driving him into the ditch, of course, not ditching him by jumping out! 

Lucky for me, nothing was coming the other way. I got over that hill, and saw, at the bottom of the next one, those two FedEx trucks parked in the road down by the low-water bridge that floods all the time, in the area where a baby muskrat likes to frolic. The drivers got out. One stood between the trucks. The other walked around to the wooded side.

I tried to call Hick, who had sent me a text that he was leaving for town. I didn't want him driving up over the hill and hitting that parked FedEx truck! By the time my call went through, here came SilverRedO down the hill I was ascending towards Mailbox Row. I warned him that there were two FedEx trucks on the muskrat playground, and one waiting over the next hill.

When Hick returned from town, he said that as he went through, all THREE FedEx trucks were parked on the muskrat playground. He thought they were going to transfer packages.

I've seen them parked at the end of our blacktop road before, out by the long bridge, truck-butt to truck-butt, transferring packages. Why they'd go a mile or more down into the middle of nowhere on a curvy hilly blacktop road to do that is BEEEYOOOOOND ME! 

The Pony has said that sometimes he and his PO brethren meet to transfer mail. But they do it on a residential street where there is parking. I don't expect FedEx to drive another whole TWO MILES into town to transfer their rural packages. But they were already over a mile down into the middle of nowhere, causing possible accidents. So there's that...

Just one more reason for me to dislike FedEx. As if tearing up our yard, calling us a business, and saying we were closed for a holiday so they kept the package on the truck, were not enough.


  1. Transferring packages and keeping for themselves any that might look promising??? huh? Thieves in action while people sit at home wondering why their packages never seem to get delivered?

    1. That could explain the remote location they chose. Though The Pony said maybe the packages were for the rural area. Still. I don't see how another mile to town would be so bad, considering they already drove a mile into nowhere.