Sunday, October 31, 2021

Val Experiences a Spooking, But Not in Her Basement

There oughta be a law! A law to prevent municipalities from spooking the elderly! I might need to talk to my sister's husband the ex-ex-mayor about that...

On Thursdays, I have errands over in Sis-Town. A couple weeks ago, I was driving down Main Street, after mailing Genius's weekly letter at the drive-thru mailbox on a street that's barely more than an alley. Once I turned onto Main Street, I let my mind wander to which scratchers I was going to buy when I stopped to gas up T-Hoe. 


I hit the brakes. I thought I'd driven through the crosswalk with a person waiting to cross! My heart palpitated as I glanced sideways, ready to give the SORRY shrug to my almost-victim.

It was a stuffed fireman's suit on a ladder!

Yes, the farther I drove down Main Street, I saw more stuffed people. I should have been expecting that. When we had our annual meeting with our financial advisor the day before, at their Main Street office, I snapped a picture of a gal out front.
"I'm ready for my closeup, Ms Thevictorian!"

I was only in the one block of Main Street that day. I didn't notice any other stuffed street people as I left to go home. Yet the next day, the stuffed street people were practically jumping out of the sunlit non-shadows!

This guy is kind of blurry. I think he's either a hipster, or a jockey. Please consider the fact that I was taking these pictures while driving down Main Street. Not actually rolling, but sitting in traffic. I didn't get the firefighter on the ladder, because that one startled me so much. I had to get these others on my return trip.

This one is maybe a ghost in a straw hat. Or a hanging angel hiding her halo.

Blurry Pumpkinhead is a pot-bellied bow-legged cowboy. He's either imitating a scarecrow, or giving the universal sign for WTF. Maybe to someone who didn't stop to let him not-cross the road.

The best picture and the best figure was BEETLEJUICE! Though I AM concerned that he is doing something inappropriate with that haybale...

If only all the figures were as cartoonish and unreal as Beetlejuice, I would not think they were people about to walk out in front of T-Hoe. I wonder if the city hired a street decorator. Or if it was a contest for groups to contribute a figure. Surely there isn't anyone on the payroll permanently as a street decorator! We (and eventually The Pony) will be paying city taxes here now!


  1. Some decor and fun should be part of you and Hick steal some candy. You may eat all the candy corn you desire.

    1. It was just another day here. We haven't had a trick-or-treater except ONCE in all the years we've lived here. Took us by surprise! The kid got a mini bag of Cheetos, and a couple Little Debbie cakes. Good thing we still had young Genius and The Pony living at home, so our pantry had child-ish snacks.

  2. I agree, Beetlejuice was the best!

    1. Yeah, Beetlejuice was in front of a bank, so I'm thinking maybe they did their own. It's much more detailed than the others.

  3. I love the street people! Beetlejuice is especially good, but I like the Day of the Dead woman too.

    1. The Day of the Dead lady was in front of the Soap Lady's store. So maybe she also did her own design. I haven't seen anything about a contest, but I wonder why some were so much better than the others.