Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hick Scoops Up a Deal

Only a few things in this world are certain: death, taxes, and Hick's entrepreneuring.

Sunday afternoon, I heard the dogs going crazy out front. I thought I heard a motor. Not a car. Maybe a 4-wheeler. I looked out the front door, and saw Hick on his blue tractor. What in the Not-Heaven? Was he smoothing the gravel of Shackytown Boulevard? I went to put on my CROCS, and by the time I got back outside, Hick was in the side yard. In the back of SilverRedO.

Huh. What was he up to now? Was that some contraption to sand the floors of Pony House? Hick was maneuvering it into the bucket of his tractor.

I watched as Hick hopped down off the tailgate to the bumper to the ground, and the recoil of SilverRedO made the contraption slide back mostly onto the tailgate.

"Hey! It slipped back!"

"I know. That's why I'm getting my chain."

Hick often takes chances which I, myself, would not.
Hick yanked his own chain before driving that contraption across the side yard. Shorts by Goodwill. Tractor seat by Some Junk Hick Took Out Of Something Else. 

Of course Hick turned my direction to smile for the phone camera. Yes. That's as smiley as he gets.

Hick was escorted by neighbor dog Copper Jack, who lets no wheel turn without a warning.

Final destination: the School House Shed. Oh, how I wish Hick had clairvoyantly saved that magnificent window for Pony House!

In case you hadn't noticed by now (I would not have), that contraption is a SNOW BLOWER! Hick says it sells for about $1000 at Lowe's or one of those kind of stores. He named off some specifics, but that means nothing to me.

"Where did YOU get it."

"A guy I know had it up at the lockers today. I gave him $180 for it. It's new, but I have to work on the carburetor to get it to start. I might be able to spray some ether into it."

"Is it stolen?"

"No! I've known this guy a while. He bought it from a lady over in Bill-Paying Town, who is selling all her stuff to travel across the country in a motor home. It was part of everything. He didn't buy it separate."

"How'd you load it in your truck?"

"He had it on a trailer, and he leaned his trailer tailgate ramp up against my truck tailgate, and pushed it up in there. He's a stout guy!"

"What are you going to do with it?"

"I'll put it on Buy/Sell/Trade. I'm asking $500, but I'll take $350."

Always the wheeler-dealer, our Hick.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Hick certainly is "breathtaking."

  2. I've never seen a snow-blower so I had no idea what that machine was. Hick has a nice face, no wonder people give him such good deals on stuff.

    1. Hick is a people person. He is friendly, and can give off that vibe of knowing it all without being a know-it-all. So people believe he knows the value of stuff, yet trust him to not rip them off, but only make a modest profit from their transaction!

  3. Hick scooting one contraption from one truck to the next? He lives dangerously, but he knows his good junk stuff. Hick looks friendly! How's the house?

    1. Hick may not win a beauty pageant, but he would be voted Mr. Congeniality! And sell all the girls trinkets for at least a 50-cent profit.

      Hick has been working on Bathroom 2. Pictures coming up, probably on Sunday.